Is Wellesley for me?

<p>I'm interested in double majoring in English (creative writing concentration) and a second major (undecided). My stats and recs are excellent, and I'm very heavily involved in extracurricular activities. It's not so much getting IN to Wellesley that's concerning me, but whether or not I should even try. I have a few questions that (hopefully) someone can answer for me!</p>

<p>-Is Wellesley's English/creative writing program good?
-What is the appeal/applicability of a women's studies major?
-Will I be able to get a "real job" after college?
-Is Wellesley generous or stingy with financial aid? (My parents have a very high income, but they also have to put my four younger siblings through college in the not-so-distant future.)</p>

<p>If you can answer ANY of these, I would appreciate it very, very much. THANKS!</p>