Is Wesleyan boring?

Hi all! I’m thinking of applying to Wesleyan next year and was wondering what student life is like. I looked at Middletown and it looks kind of sleepy and dead- please correct me if I’m wrong! I am not super athletic but also not super weird either so I’d definitely like to party and have a good social life. I also am worried that there might not be enough to do and I’d end up doing the same thing every week. It’d be great if people could provide some insight. Thanks!

This is the wrong forum for the Wesleyan in Middletown CT. This is the forum for the all-women’s college in GA. Go back to the alphabetical list and look under “Wesleyan University” (Happens all the time.)


Middletown is quiet and yet, it isn’t. The streets are never crowded and residents prefer it that way. OTOH, you can hear the sound of sirens at all hours of the day. So, something must be going on somewhere. The important thing is that Wesleyan is located close to the business district and that makes for the best of both worlds: lots of bars and coffee shops AND a quiet, small college ambiance. In a normal, pre-pandemic, year there would be a different place to eat and drink every day of the month. Now, I would estimate you could purchase take-out at a different restaurant every day for about two weeks. Again, under normal circumstances, Wesleyan would be a net importer of things to see and do; Middletown is more of a complement to campus life.

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Ok, as you asked, I’ll correct you because you are wrong.

Wesleyan is most definitely not boring. The town of Middletown is mid-sized and Main Street is active. It’s not Saratoga Springs busy, but it’s not a sleepy town either. And Wesleyan is there so they feed off of each other. D grew up in a major city and she was never bored at Wes. She was an athlete but involved in many other things as well.

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