Is what they say about girls at McGill true?

<p>That girls are all good looking (majority).
Every site i read, it says McGill has some of the best looking girls of any school in north America.</p>

<p>haha, is that why you want to come here?</p>

<p>As someone who visited there...</p>


<p>Not that it had anything to do with my factoring where I'd apply for college...</p>

<p>no actually...but all the more reason to make me want to come more.
Originally i hear of McGill, looked it up. Talked to CCers, and heard that it is a pretty academically rigorous (or at least when it comes to getting As).
And i want to go to school in a big city with snow.</p>

<p>Then i did tons more research (literally...i had to write a research paper on 4 colleges. One UC, one CSU, on JC/CC, and one out of state or private (im from california) and i chose McGill).</p>

<p>I always read stuff about McGill having good looking girls and whanot, and when i became a member of **************.com, i learned that they gave the girl rating an A+ (along with U of san diego, vanderbilt, and pepperdine. Maybe a few more too.) and i was like, sweet. The school i am most interested in going to (except U of chicago which i doubt ill get into) has beautiful women everywhere.</p>

<p>So, all the more reason to like McGill. Tough academics, great city, good social life, good name recognition for grad school, study abroad programs to where i want to go, good programs in areas of interest, almost non existent core requirements, and beautiful women.</p>

<p>Wonder why they'd censor college pr0wler dot com. This site's just plain weird sometimes.</p>

<p>oh yeah i forgot they did that.
I tried to ask someone b4 about it, but it did that too.
Anyway, so the admin told me that it is because i guess it "rivals" them.</p>

<p>Even though im pretty sure they dont have forums.
Really useful site though</p>

<p>That's really juvenile of them, though. You still see ads for DirectTV on cable, why can't you just say the name of a different site here? I can see why they would censor curse words, or even hateful ones (which, btw, they don't), but not another internet site.</p>

<p>The actual McGill co-eds are hotter than most decent schools, but most of the internaitonals are just average by default. The local Quebcois girls, however, are THE hottest girls you will ever find in North America. I've been to plenty of places in the U.S., and nothing beats the T&A you'll find on St. Laurent in downtown Montreal. The women were actually the result of specially selected up on it in a Canadian history book.</p>

<p>HAHAHAHAHAHA, awesome.</p>

<p>what's T&A?</p>

<p>Hahaha, holy crap, wutang. That better be a sick joke. </p>

<p>T&A = t!ts and a$$</p>

<p>Yeah, it's actually the city of Montreal that is the reason for the amazing girls I think, not McGill (which is actually even better, since then you have a much bigger pool to choose from). Women in Montreal tend to wear considerably skimpier clothing during summertime than in the rest of Canada. And this isn't for going to the beach or anything, I mean for normal day-to-day life.</p>

<p>Montreal is the reason why McGill has hot girls and everything nauru said is true. I just had lunch downtown today and there were good looking males and females everywhere since F1 weekend we've been having amazing weather here. Montreal is a great place to be right now.</p>

<p>I will say this, your average nerdy CC kid from the states is not good looking enough to hook up with the women in montreal unless they pay for it...I'm reasonably handsome, and I've only hooked up w/other out of province McGill students. In other words, the competition for the women here is absolutely fierce, and unless you look and dress like a male model, don't expect to pick up a model-hot girl at a club/bar...a lot of fat, ugly dudes come up from the states on tour buses expecting to get easy chicks, and end up wasting all their cash at the strip clubs. Basically, both men and women from the U.S. are much uglier, and in a seperate league. Same applies if you go to Italy.</p>

<p>how can you make generalizations like this.. there are 25000 students at mcgill, some are good looking, some are not</p>

<p>"I'm reasonably handsome..."</p>

<p>Hahahahaahaha. Wutang, it's not that I don't like you or anything, but you have a way with your words/posts, man...Holy crap...</p>

<p>You guys are cracking up Montreal women to be the end all be all of beauty...I'm gonna reserve my judgment for when I get more time up there.</p>

<p>Beatlespwr: how can he make generalizations like this? He's been making generalizations like this for AGES. I just sit back and enjoy the humor/at-times-realism of them.</p>

<p>wutangfinancial, why don't you post a pic and let us be the judge of that ;)</p>

<p>Actually, I think we'd all prefer to see some pictures of some of the Montreal girls. Nothing against wutang - who I'm sure is nothing less than a sizzling hunk of man-meat - but I'd prefer to see insanely attractive members of the <em>opposite</em> sex. Really now gentlemen, we must not lose our focus here. ;)</p>

<p>hahahaha. Mesh is right, we're here to see some genuine Montreal chesticle.</p>

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<p>Ooh la la, indeed.</p>

<p>That was two years ago and If I remember correctly the girl that won was a pretty good looking girl but you could see a girl like her every 15 seconds just by walking around downtown.</p>