Is writing about my weight loss journey on college apps a good idea?

I’m an incoming senior (class of 2021), and I gained a lot of weight last year which really affected my studies/grades.

I had an extreme iron deficiency that would make me very sleepy (sometimes almost falling asleep at my desk) and my 20 lb increase made me incredibly lethargic in junior year first semester. I ended up getting an extremely low gpa that really stood out because normally I get good grades.

I want to write about my significant weight loss journey and my personal growth overall. Would this be an appropriate topic to write about, and is it a good idea?

To give a general idea, I’m applying to UC’s. The PIQ this topic applies to is: “Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge. How has this challenge affected your academic achievement?”

I really do not see gaining or losing 20 lbs as a game changer to write a essay about, just my 2 cents.

To give an idea, it really affected me because i gained all that weight in like a month or two (honestly idk how). It was a really significant amount of weight on me, and on top of my deficiencies it really affected my mental health as well as my ability to focus. I would fall asleep at the most random of moments during class (one time I almost fell off my chair), even though I would get enough sleep. It really weighed me down, both physically and mentally.

I’m not an AC, but I’d give points for your topic, depending on HOW you overcame it. I mean if you’re going to say you just went on a diet, then I wouldn’t. But if the journey involved self reflection, challenges along the way (counteracting the Lethargy) etc, I would totally use it as a topic. It also explains your GPA, plus weight loss is a very personal journey. They like personal. So… go for it. Have someone(s) - English Teacher, maybe? read it over and critique, provide feedback. Good luck !

It would help too if your proposed major is fitness/nutrition/ theraphy etc etc

Thank you! This journey doesn’t involve dieting at all, but running, self reflection, a changing view of the definition of beauty, challenges ( my doctor said that I had symptoms of depression, thankfully my mental health is better! ), etc.

Then I say… Go for it !! Sounds like all the right stuff for an essay AND grade explanation. Good luck and good for you starting early !!

If it changed how you see yourself and others, go for it. It could be great.

But make sure you don’t use it to explain bad grades or show how hard you worked. Both are cliche.

Your story hit soft spot for me. When I was senior in high school I applied for an ROTC scholarship. I went through the process including PT tests and ended up at interview surrounded by some colonel’s and a general. They asked me one thing I was proud of. I told them how I’d been overweight as a child and took up biking and running to lose weight…I then finished with I also gave up jelly donuts. They all cracked a smile. I ended-up with the scholarship.