Is WSU's Cason School Of Business good? What are the rankings?

I am trying to transfer into UW this winter and plan on going to the Foster School of Business, but I know it is extremely competitive to get into Foster let alone UW in general… I am looking at other uni’s in WA as a back up in case I do not get in. That brings me to my question: Does WSU’s business school compare to UW’s at all? Will it be recongized when I try to get a job, does it have good interships and connections like UW, are the programs good etc? Any information on it in general would be great, I cant seem to find any info on rankings and such online. If anyone has any info on the other WA state uni’s business programs public and private (WWU, CWU, Seattle U, UW bothell etc), please let me know! I am just really looking for an acredited and good Business program where I can be confident I will learn the skills needed to enter the Business world.

My oldest graduated in May from Carson and has a good job in business consulting (he was a very good student). Then again, the guy who helped me at Nordstrom also graduated from there.

You can get a great education if you take advantage of the opportunities. Some are in Pullman partying and skipping classes. You would get less of that at UW. Your prospects, regardless of school, will be about demonstrated skills and networking.

I have heard from students that Seattle U and Gonzaga are good without getting many specifics. I know nothing about b-schools at UW-B or WWU or Whitworth.