Is Yale upgrading their engineering/sciences program?

My son is interested in studying engineering but was not terribly impressed when we visited. We were told Yale is upgrading the program but got no specifics. Does anyone know the state of the engineering program and what upgrades, if any , are scheduled for the next few years?

One thing that is happening now is that Yale is expanding the computer science department.

An engineering student at Yale will be able to write their own ticket during this period of expansion. It would be a good choice for a talented young student with big aspirations. Maybe not so much for a boring student who just wanted to get a job.

“This period of expansion” has been going on for at least the past 15 years, maybe longer. When I toured Yale with one of my kids in 2004, a huge part of the presentation was all the steps they had taken to upgrade the engineering program, the new engineering building that was coming on line in 2005, and what great opportunities there were for engineering students. That Yale continues to be less-than-fully-impressive in engineering really illustrates how hard it is and how long it takes to bring a program back to life once you have practically let it die, which is essentially what happened with Yale engineering in the 60s and 70s.

When we toured we spoke with a engineering senior who has lots of job offers. My son really liked the ease of getting a good , not gofer undergrad research position too, especially since he is undecided in which area of engineering/science he would like to study. He is currently a summer intern a UMich lab with a project in micro-fluidics and nano-tech so he is getting some initial exposure. Even so, the staff expansion is very positive, even if it is CS only.

One thing I notice in the list of majors is that Yale offers both BA and BS degrees in engineering fields and also some interesting sounding cross-disciplinary majors such as CS and psychology and computing and the arts.

I’m not sure how common these kinds of options are in universities but it strikes me as a good thing to have some different choices.