Is your college still giving CARES act money? Mine still is. Either way, how much did you get in total? Is it crazy that I'm going to CC for free AND got paid $11,200?

Seriously, I’m trying to see if other students also got crazy amounts of money. All I had to do is fill out a form each semester, and got the $ no questions asked! Here’s the proof from my three semesters at CC (and yes, this is AFTER my tuition got 100% covered):

It sounds crazy, but I’m not surprised. Apparently, all recipients of Federal student aid get to pocket whatever doesn’t get spent by the school. I’m sure you’ve experienced this for yourself. You actually get a check for the difference, no? My view is that if it keeps you from starving, it’s fine until we can get a better handle on income inequality in this country.

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Yes, it’s crazy. It might not have been crazy when you couldn’t have safely worked a part time job while attending school, because of the risk of Covid, but since the vaccine became widely available to all by May, it was crazy to be distributing aid after that. Yet another reason why we don’t have enough workers in the economy - no need to work.


Yes, all of that money went straight into my bank account.

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The goal is to help you pay for food/housing in addition to a part time job (up to 8 hours a week so as to not impact your grades) and save up for your 4 year college.
You received that much because you’re considered among the neediest college students and the most at risk for food insecurity and/or because your enrolling in college means you aren’t able to provide for your family as much. Basically it’s an investment in you, hoping you’ll pay it back in taxes once you graduate and then a stable, well paid, full time job.


You have received a lot, great for you, not much you can do other than use it wisely :grin:

DD’19 has received $900, most recent payment was today with I think at least one more payment of possibly $250 coming in the spring. She is in the EFC tier that gets the smallest payments. I think PELL recipients may have received $2450 automatically so far at her college, with the opportunity to apply for additional funding too.

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Congratulations! Use it wisely. Income inequality crushes a lot of college dreams when students are forced to work a part-time job so much they don’t have enough time/energy left over for schoolwork. For now at least, you have a great opportunity to take care of your bills without running yourself into the ground.

Spend what you need now, and save the rest for next semester in the event Congress is shortsighted and cancels this at the end of the year.

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