ISBNs weird

<p>Hey so I've been looking up ISBN's for textbooks and some of then dont match up. Is that because cornell gets slightly unique textbooks or something? What should I do about this since im looking to order books online rather than buy from the cornell store.</p>

<p>BUMP. Same problem with the Microeconomics (Econ 1110 w/ J. Wissink) book.</p>

<p>As near as I can figure, it's not really an ISBN, but an EAN, which is (I think) the bar code on the book. lists both of them and they are related, but not identical. For an explanation, see Bookland</a> EAN and ISBN Bar Code Page</p>

<p>Some of the ISBNs are specially designed packs (textbooks with additional stuff or textbooks without certain things, etc) that you can't get outside of the school.
Some of them are packets that the professors wrote, printed, and sold int he store and aren't sold outside, yet they still have ISBNs. I am assuming that you checked Amazon, etc., for books already.
Tip: You can save a heck of a lot of money buying textbooks with slightly older editions (-1 or -2 ed. than current). TBH, I've gone through two semesters fine without buying and killing an expensive tree, because the usually first couple years, you are being taught intro stuff. The material won't vary much.</p>

<p>alright im thinking of buying the 7th version of the intro bio book as compared to the 8th edition (saving me something like 70 bucks). that would be alright yeah?</p>