ISEE vs SSAT scores

Scores of 88th percentile on SSAT
Verbal 79
Quant 92
Reading 83

ISEE is 7,7,7,8

Which ones would you use for top boarding schools such as EXeter, Andover, Choate ?

Technically, there is no way to accurately compare the two, but the SSAT will appear stronger.

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SSAT look stronger to me.

I would personally go with the SSAT, great score!

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You think so? We were thinking it needs to be in the 90th percentile?

Do you know how many more questions the student would have needed to get right to go from an 88 to a 90%? There is 0 difference between an 88 and a 90. In fact, sometimes a student could do worse in raw score and get the higher percentage. It is a silly test.

Yes, the scores are great.


Our school list is
St. Paul’s

They are all optional this year. Daughter is losing her mind on whether it’s best to go test optional or submit these scores

Is it silly because it measures them to their peers? This was our first time taking a peer Normed test

I don’t think there is any real difference between an 88% and a 90%. An 88 is a strong score, but the rest of the application also matters. If it were my child, I would submit the scores and focus on essays.
Why make schools guess if she didn’t submit because she got a low score? Not every kid can get a 99%, and a whole range of kids get accepted.


i would 100% submit.


100% this!

Some friendly, oft repeated advice: unless your DD has a happy-making Plan B (e.g. stay at the local public or whatever), broaden your list to include schools with meaningfully higher admit rates. To be even more specific, adding, say, Lawrenceville is not broadening the list. Check the Hidden Gems threads but note that even many of these are now well under 20% admit rate.

Point is if the plan is BS or bust, you want to broaden the list meaningfully.

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