ISO Compass insurance plan for a Harvard University waiver?

Hey, Im an international student looking for a health insurance plan to waive the official (and pricey) Harvards plan. ISO ( offers special Care and Share plans specifically for Harvard, but I would prefer to get (cheaper) standard COMPASS Silver or Gold plans. As it does not seem possible to get a definitive confirmation whether any of these two fulfill the requirements for the waiver, I wondered whether theres anyone who has been able to successfully waive Harvards plan with one of the ISO COMPASS plans? Thanks!

Call Harvard, that is the only way to know for sure.

They do not want to provide the info and I also failed to get a definitive answer form the insurance company. I have purchased a different/more expensive one in the end just to be sure, but thanks anyway.

This insurance is a scam, awful service, you are basically buying NOTHING.

Let me elaborate on this. PPACA. This insurance is not administered with PPACA, what does that mean to you? It means, if any way if you have pre-existing condition in the past, the insurance can deny your claim and not paying for your coverage. Lets say before you are buying this insurance, you better make sure the sickness you are having in future has not been occurred in the past OR ELSE be ready to get denied.

Second, the customer service is literally non-exist at all. The quality of the call is so poor that you can barely hearing anything, its like you are ordering pizza over the phone in the underground tunnel. Customer service… there’s ONE or TWO agent talking calls, i once waited 25 minutes. And agent hung up my call before i even finished my claims.

Third, this insurance covers very very limited coverage, like what? if you are playing soccer one day, and you got spanked. Sorry under ISO terms and regulation, you are not covered.

This is an insurance that covers on top of your insurance, if you are looking alternative option for avoiding paying your international student insurance coverage ranging from 600 to 1400… i advice you, better stay with the school recommended coverage.

Sorry for bad english.