issues with Caltech fee waiver

<p>My S received a mail from Caltech saying that they won't accept the fee waiver just for being a finalist, unless he applied for match and wasn't matched. I checked with the QB site and called QB (which both clearly state that they do accept fee waivers for finalists) and hope this will get straightened out, but wondering if anyone else has gotten notification of a non-approved fee waiver request for Caltech (or any other school).</p>


<p>I actually just read the message I received from the University of Pennsylvania stating that they had not received payment for the application, even though I'm a Questbridge finalist and I indicated "other fee waiver request" on the supplement. It's not exactly the same problem, but I'm just going to try sending an email in response.</p>

<p>You were supposed to explicitly state in your common app application which UPenn and Caltech require that you are a QB finalist.
If you didnt, they have no way of knowing without going through extensive checks.
Just email them and inform them that you are a QB finalist</p>

<p>^ it was indicated on the Common App as well as by email. Caltech's response was that they don't offer waivers for finalists unless and only if you applied to be matched. This is not true, but is what they have told us.</p>

<p>Regarding Penn, yes, just email them to let them know, but do not expect a response for quite a while, but they will honor the waiver.</p>

<p>Where did you look to get the contact information? I have a similar problem, but I don't know who I should email. I don't want to email the wrong person and be an annoyance to that person. If you could point me in the right direction, that would be very appreciated.</p>

<p>The Penn addy is the eas (?) address that the admissions office uses.. just contact them.</p>

<p>Ah, and again today Caltech says no to the fee waiver for being a QB finalist.</p>