A little bio first. I love performing. I do it in band all the time and I’m almost always first to present my projects to the class. I had a student teacher in history who never put a max. time for presentations so I gave a 30 minute lecture on 1950s computers and the space race. Why chemistry? I almost got a low C/high D in Honors chem last year. I almost got all C’s last year because I was lazy. My chemistry teacher was probably the first teacher that really wanted me to succeed. She was also the first teacher that inspired me to actually study for class tests. I ended up with a B in the class and I aced the exam. I knew then I wanted to be a teacher.

Anyway I’ve narrowed down my list to 5 schools.
-Iowa State
-Arizona State
-West Virginia Uni.
-Oklahoma State
-Kansas State

I have several questions for for anyone who has been involved with any of these schools.

  1. Is the Chemistry program any good?
  2. Is the Education program any good?
  3. How LGBT friendly are these schools?
  4. Is campus life any good?
  5. Is financial aid for out of state students decent?

For question 5 it may help to know some of my stats.
W GPA: 4.13 (A in AP is 6/A in Honors is 5)
UW GPA: 3.38
ACT: Composite 24 (planning to bring to a 26 before applying)
-Math 26
-English 23
-Reading 21
-Science 26

EC’s: I’d say about average

This is probably the first question you need to answer. In general state schools don’t give aid to OOS students. Some do for merit but your stats won’t get any from these schools. For financial aid, no. You will not get any since what little they offer is reserved for in-state students. What is your home state? If you want to be a teacher ask your teachers what schools in your state are known for their education programs.

Financial aid estimates can be found by going to the net price calculator on each school’s web site. Do not expect good results from most out of state public schools.

I’m from North Carolina which is notorious for being the worst state in America for teachers. I know which schools here are best for teachers. I ran the net price calculator on each school and I got $30,000 to $35,000 for each school without aid at all which I could survive with. Money isn’t the biggest issue here. If it was I would go to community college and transfer to NC State. I did have to cut several schools because of how expensive they are (such as Ohio State and CU Boulder).

Iowa state has a good chemistry program.

I have never heard that. And I’ve lived in 10 different states and my DW’s family is filled with teachers. I think you have just tarred with a broad brush because you just want to go OOS.

Maybe I am just fishing for excuses to get out of this state but regardless…

I’ve been thinking about this issue over and over and I think I’ll just stay here. I’ve lost interest and I’m just going to somewhere in state that isn’t too bad.