It does get easier...

<p>For all you going nuts this season with your kids apps, cds and auditions I can honestly say it does get easier once they are in !! DS's accompanist is a Junior charging $30 per piece for a competition recording including all practice sessions. $30 per piece for each accompanied Jury piece including the performance. He has a friend in his performance studio who is also a recording major who has reserved the big hall for him, record him and produce his competition CD's for, get this, $10 plus the cost if the CD's. (He normally charges $30). Plus, I don't have to make the arrangements and shuttle him about :-))</p>

<p>Heading up to see him perform on Thursday, that should be a treat if my back survives the trip !!</p>

<p>Here on the home front, DD's uses our regular accompanist at $80/hr plus about $100-$150 for the performance. A piece can run $400 easy. Yes I can probably find someone cheaper but better, not so sure about that. We won't even talk about the professional recordings.</p>

<p>There is a light at the end of the tunnel !!</p>

<p>And, Sagiter, the weather is supposed to be great the end of the week thru the weekend! Hope your back is OK.</p>

<p>Our D was assigned an accompanist at the beginning of the school year as part of her program. She doesn't have to pay extra for his services. He works with her privately, at her lessons, at her studio classes, and will be there for her juries.</p>