It happened at Stanford: Stanford Stories!

<p>so this is probably one of the less serious threads that will be posted on this site. I just thought it would be fun to ask current Stanford students:
What is one of your favorite memories/pastimes/traditions/experiences at stanford? If there's a good story that goes along with what you say, by all means tell us! </p>

<p>Basically the point of this thread is for us students who haven't gotten to stanford yet/thinking of applying/just looking for a way to procrastinate to live somewhat vicariously through students who have first hand experience with the goings-on at the school.... and of course to have fun!</p>

<p>Well, I'm not a current student but I am going to Stanford. My story takes place during Admit Weekend. I was staying in Casa Zapata and they called this one guy over at midnight because it was his birthday. When he gets there, they all throw him on the floor and a mob of people jump on him. Then they graciously took off his shoes before picking him up and throwing him into a running shower. It was cool because afterwards they sang "Happy Birthday" to him and bought him a cake. Good stuff.</p>