it has been 5 days where is the mail?

<p>so my status changed to acted upon in the early morning of march 29
yet i still havent herd back and I live in norcal
any theories?
the wait is killing me</p>

<p>same as me. the wait is killing me too! i called admissions and even though they said everything was supposed to be sent friday, i bet they sent it monday, but even so, it should have come by now. i think us in norcal will get something tomarrow, and ppl in other states maybe friday. this is rediculous!</p>

<p>I gave up hope something good will come out of this and I'm kind of angry with the school for making me wait to long. If I have to wait until April 11, I'm going to be even angrier. I don't think they understand time is crucial. I need to go know now what my options are.</p>

<p>yeah i agree with you nickel xenon
it is frustrating to not know where I am going to be going next year
and also it feels like they are just giving me false hope
but hopefully it will turn out good and we will get in haha</p>

<p>Cant you call USC for your decisions after April 1st?</p>

<p>no, its april 11</p>

<p>See, I need to know because open house of Boston U is pretty soon and I don't want to spend money going if I get accepted to USC. =/ Plus, I can't miss school so I'd have to give up a weekend. At my school, for the second semester, if I get at least an 85% and don't miss two days in a class, I don't have to take a final. I haven't missed any days yet, but I'd rather save up those days because you never know when something might come up.</p>

<p>ooo when is the BU open house?? where is all the visiting info. i want to visit. but i cant decide if its worth spending an extra 100 k to go to BU, which is quite a bit lower ranked, but it would be so much more fun being in such a different place!</p>

<p>Open House is on the 18th or 25th. Then the Multicultural Community Days are April 17th or 24th. But I hear you sign up for classes on those days too, so if I don't go I'll get stuck with classes I don't want. =/ I got into both NYU and Boston U, but I'm leaning towards Boston U because they're giving me 32k in grants and 8k in loans and the packet says the cost this year is around 48,600. NYU hasn't sent me anything for financial aid.</p>

<p>ooo thanks. wow thats a lot from BU! congrats!</p>

<p>Did you get in? Didn't you get the e-mail about the open house?</p>

<p>yea, i got in but i didnt get an email. is there somewhere online you can register for that?</p>

<p>Um, I dunno. Maybe you should e-mail the school about it? The e-mail I got was for the Multicultural Community Days and it mentioned the CAS open house days were the 18th and 25th. Did you get into a different school? Maybe that's why they haven't given you an e-mail? They haven't set the date or something.</p>

<p>I got into CAS too. Yea, maybe i'll email (hopefully i wont have to if i get into usc! lol) thanks. good luck tomarrow!</p>

<p>I wish they'd hurry up. If I get in then I won't go to Boston. =/ But I doubt I will get into USC, but still, I'd hate to waste money on a plane ticket.</p>

<p>Yea. I would def go to USC over boston or any other school i got into. But if it came down to BU and davis and ucsb, then i'd have trouble deciding. Can't u get a refund for your ticket if you cancel it a few days beforehand?</p>

<p>I dunno. =/ But the deposit for Boston U is around $650. -_-</p>

<p>i don't know if this helps but,,if you change your mind you, or your parents can write off the deposit as a donation to the school. and, more importently you are investing so much money over 4 years, or more if you include grad school, amortize the extra money over four years.</p>

<p>I just don't feel I can make a decision until USC sends a reply. =/ That's all.</p>

<p>If this helps at all, it took USC a week to get me an important letter, and I live in Chicago.</p>