It never ends! Parents of campaigners in the WSJ

<p>In today's Wall Street Journal: The Home Stretch: Campaign Parents
Get Ready to Console"</p>

<p>Hope this is not too long to post:</p>

<p>"If George W. Bush loses the election, his campaign manager, Ken Mehlman, will be invited to his parents' home in Naples, Fla. "We'll be hovering around him in case he wants to talk," says his mother, Judy. "We'll make him feel comfortable. We'll take nice long walks. We'll discuss how he did everything perfectly."</p>

<p>"If John Kerry loses, his campaign policy director, Sarah Bianchi, will be welcomed home to Atlanta "like a sailor returning from a year at sea," says her father, Paul. For months, she often has been incommunicado. When her parents e-mail her, Ms. Bianchi's replies have been as terse as a simple "k," signaling that she's too busy even to type the "o" in OK. But after the election, her parents will be there for her -- to offer wholesome meals and conversations longer than a consonant.</p>

<p>"Like Mr. Mehlman, 38 years old, and Ms. Bianchi, who is 31, many of the leaders and foot soldiers in the presidential campaigns are young and unmarried. So their moms and dads are often important sources of advice and emotional support."</p>