It says I'm missing requirements but I have them?

I just submitted my application. I had everything done hours ahead of time. I just kept reading over and over it. I thought once I clicked review and submit it would be done.

About 10 minutes before the application was supposed to be turned in I finally clicked the review and submit and it said I didn’t meet two of the “English” requirements and one of the “Visual and performing arts” requirements.

I have completed and passed 4 years of English. Same with my 1 year of Art.

I think this is because I go to an independent study HS so many of the classes I would finish in one quarter, as opposed to the normal full year/one semester and consequently it is reading my courses as if I started but didn’t finish my classes. I don’t know. I’m freaking out. If that is the case, what do I do? Am I screwed? I’m looking right now and every year of classes has one B - English and in 10th I have F - Visual Arts

Please please please and thank you any help or input.

maybe email admissions office?

You should be fine. Email the admissions office if you really want but they should see your self reported scores that you did, indeed, take the class. Good luck!

If someone else could confirm what I said though, that would be great.

Did you select the correct term for the classes so admissions knows that 1 quarter= 1 year? This is why you never wait until the day of the deadline to submit. I would email UC admissions with an explanation that can be placed in your file just in case.


@Gumbymom yea I selected the right term and all. Since it’s all at your own pace I would finish certain classes in one quarter and others I would spread over four quarters. So I guess it just looks like I only did half my English. But thank you! I’ll be sure to send them an email.