Italian language knowledge- management consulting

<p>im looking to go into management consulting and have conversational french and spanish knowledge. DEFINITELY not fluent or even close but if you speak to me/i speak to you, i know what youre saying.</p>

<p>right now im enrolled in italian because spanish was filled up and italians really easyin my school. that being said, should i stick with it or try to be fluent in spanish?</p>

<p>would being conversational in italian be any benefit in mangement consulting?</p>

<p>In the US, a language besides English is not beneficial in consulting. Maybe if you went to work for international consulting like IBM Global and get staffed to a project in Italy then it is worth it. All consulting firms care about is your GPA and your experience.</p>

<p>im looking to get an MPA from a top 5 school right after undergrad at a global top 20 school. </p>

<p>what kind of experience am i expected to have? i want to get hired right after grad school at a place like mckinsey and co.</p>

<p>It is exceptionally rare to go to a top 25 business school out of undergrad, let alone top 5. However, if you get hired out of undergrad by McKinsey or a similar caliber firm, you have an excellent shot at going to a good business school. Consulting firms do hire lots of people after undergrad, you don't need to go for your MBA to do consulting.</p>

<p>For management consulting your languages do not matter. I took Italian in college and I suppose have some working knowledge of it, but I would never mention it unless it was specifically relevant.</p>

<p>your better off having a high GPA and doing campus recruitment.</p>