Italics in common app essay?

<p>I was going to submit my application to a couple colleges via the common app, but I noticed the web form doesn't support italicized text. I feel it semi-important to set off a particular selection of text (which is why I want them italicized) - should I put "[italics]" tags around it or something? Or just ignore it and hope I don't lose the added "style" of the italics? Thanks.</p>

<p>I had the same problem, and I've just chosen to sacrifice my beloved italics...:(
In my writing, at least, I always find that I end up making it so obvious what words to stress that I don't really need the italics (they're just added emphasis). Try doing that--adjust the structure of your sentence so it's obvious what words to lean on, using commas or double dashes or something. I can empathize though!</p>

<p>use single quotes... the 'truth' he said... blah blah</p>

<p>Maybe I should specify what exactly I want to italicize. I begin my essay by showing the reader my thought I have my thoughts (about a paragraph) in italics. That isn't really something I want to quote - since it isn't a whole quote, and I can't just emphasize it (like I could a word).</p>

<p>The general rule is to not offset words or use quotations (unless quoting another person).</p>

<p>If you cannot say it without italics or quotations, then you are not communicating as effectively as you could...which does show your thinking process.</p>

<p>The idea is that it is a personal statement, but it needs to be one where you are not having to make the reader transition into, then outside your head. It can get messy, and it can be misinterpreted.</p>

<p>Unlike more artistic or creative pieces, being clear is very important, especially to readers who have already spent some time with, say, hundreds of applications. That being said, if you are a particularly gifted writer, then by all means write the way you want.</p>

<p>Just an opinion though.</p>