Ithaca class of 2024

My daughter just got accepted last night. Waiting for financials. Strange that she got deferred from her other safeties that were less competetive than Ithaca. Goes to show you just never know.

Did she apply early action? I applied EA and have not received anything yet.

Yes, EA. Deferred from Providence and Marist.

@hannahnoelle315 I also applied EA to the Parks School and heard I was accepted on 12/19/19 but have friends who have not heard back yet. Although, keep in mind I applied (earlier than most) in September.

Hello, I have also recently been accepted to Ithaca college. I applied early decision. I’m also still waiting for financials. Do you have an idea of when they will come out ?

@sopem, two years ago our son was surprised when he was accepted to Park. He was deferred from James Madison and rejected from Fordham, but IC was his first choice anyway.

My son applied EA November and has still not heard from Ithaca. Accepted to Marist, Siena, Scranton, Loyola and Fairfield. Why so long for Ithaca?

@ccrb You should hear back by February 1st. Some of my friends haven’t heard either. I have heard of it being sent into some student’s “junk mail” so you should check the status in the portal just in case. I applied EA at the end of September and heard in December.


Has anyone received their financial aid award yet? My son was accepted ED 12/17 and we still haven’t heard anything from Student Financial Services.

No financials yet

My daughter received her acceptance to Park today! She applied EA.

Congrats! What major did she apply for?

Integrated Marketing Communications

Finally! DD received the good news of her acceptance to the Park School yesterday!

Financials from Ithaca EA arrived in mail today!

Applied 11/1, accepted 12/18 and Just received financials today.
NPC for merit was spot on!

No financials yet???

My financials came in the mail yesterday

We finally got ours too. Very happy with the offer.