Ithaca College, Pace, Adelphi financial aid statistics.

The discussions I’ve read regarding Ithaca being a bit stingy when it comes to financial aid is interesting and I’m glad they were posted. I was going through another web site that has data on all sorts of measureables and Ithaca was shown to have an “Average Percent of Need Met” of 92%. This is obviously vastly different than what I’ve read on these forums. It’s a bit sad too as my son would like to attend Ithaca. He is also looking at Pace and Adelphi and is on the wait list at Marist. His safe/affordable school is West Chester Unioversity of PA. Pace gives alot of aid but the COA still ends up being very high because the school is so expensive. I anticipate that Adelphi will be similar in that he will get alot of aid but the COA will still be quite expensive. WCU, while not his first choice, is much more affordable. Are these private schools worth carrying a large debt? It’s difficult to say but it’s hard to argue with good value. In all honesty, who knows, he may actually get a betetr education at WCU. I doubt it but you don’t know and that’s what makes these decisions so difficult.