Ithaca tops in nation on well-being index

<p>According to a Gallup poll which surveyed over one million people on their standard of living, Ithacans were determined to have the highest well-being in the country.</p>

<p>Ithacans also have the best wrestling team in the country too!</p>

<p>This survey must be unbelievably flawed. Maybe Cornell students and faculty of the University have a high “well-being” but that certainly is not the case for everyone else in Ithaca.</p>

<p>So they surveyed like a quarter to a half percent of the US population… Great sample size…</p>

<p>I for one hate Ithaca.</p>

<p>I [and the vast majority of my friends] love Ithaca. The many outdoor activities and endless panoramic views. The gorges and waterfalls. Cayuga Lake and several beautiful state parks only minutes away. And most importantly, the singular Ithaca vibe. Educated, laid back, and disdainful of convention.<br>
Broadly considered the best college town in America. Ithaca.</p>

<p>maybe cornell students aren’t included? maybe the only count those who permanently live in ithaca… i know if you are from india but you attend columbia and dorm there, it still doesn’t make you a new yorker…</p>