It'll make you smile.

<p>wiggle wiggle wiggle
Bruce</a> Springsteen And Neil Young Sing "Sexy And I Know It" -</p>

<p>thanks! That was awesome! </p>

<p>Spoiler alert:</p>

<p>I saw a video a while back of Jimmy doing Neil Young doing “Whip My Hair” which was incredible. I could not figure out if it was really Neil Young, then I could barely watch it because I was laughing so hard.</p>

<p>This is pretty awesome too!
[The</a> Doors Sing “Reading Rainbow” Theme - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon](<a href=“]The”></p>

<p>Another awesome thing. Free live streaming of a new play starring George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Brad Pitt, George Takei, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Christine Lahti et al.
[American</a> Foundation for Equal Rights: 8LA Free Livestream RSVP](<a href=“]American”></p>

<p>emerald, what did the “8” represent? I missed some of the play, by oh-my, that was quite a cast. Martin Sheen was terrific!</p>

<p>Prop 8 in California. For those who missed the live stream, they are posting the video.</p>

<p>Thanks for the laugh , I really needed that :)</p>

<p>The play in on youtube, posted by Americans for Equal Rights (who put it on). They said they’ll leave it up for a week. I put the stream on last night and just got sucked in, It’s completely fascinating, reminds me vaguely of the Scopes trial, and all of the acting was incredible. Particular stroke of genius in casting Jane Lynch as Maggie Gallagher – a rabid marriage equality opponent.</p>