"It's all in the details...."

<p>The deadline is in 5 days - and with half of us having sent the app, and the rest of us panicking to finish that last essay, i figured it'd be cool if we could have a thread dedicated to all the random/arb stuff about "The Princeton Application".</p>

<p>k, some arb questions:
1. how thick (# of pages) is your final application, counting the essays, brag sheets, supplements, the whole lot...?
2. for those who submitted a copy of the application was it printed PDF from online, or princeton's sent paper application?
3. if you sent a paper app - were your pages printed back to back or single page?
4. how many of you are not sending the "What Else..."
5. which part of the application did you/are you having the most fun filling out?
6. what is "The Worst Thing about Applying to Princeton"? *the best thing obviously being that you might get in!
your answers/questions?</p>

<p>i have a finished copy of my paper app and it is
1) roughly 13 pages
2) I used Pagemaker and typed onto the PDF form that was from online
3) single page - they dont like back to back
4) i am sending What else....as all the alumnis at are school say, the optional stuff is more or less "suggested"
5) My favorites' section
6) my career interests.....lol</p>

<p>1) 15 plus the recs and that stuff.
2) I typed in the PDF
3) single page
4) I'm sending it.
5) I liked writing my essays (although now I'm having doubts...)
6) Printing it out and then changing one word and then printing it again... repeat, repeat, repeat. Nitpicky perfectionist.</p>

<p>1) Already sent it, no idea - probably about 13
2) PDF printed from online - their paper app got there after I had begun writing mine out
3) single page
4) I'm not, because I thought I covered myself thoroughly in the app. But now I'm nervous, since everyone seems to think it's important.... Do you guys think I'll be hurting because I don't have one? Should I write an essay this weekend and send it now, seperately?
5) the optional essay about the year off... talk about indulging in fantasies!
6) the worst thing... the possibility of not getting in! (and having to tell people when you didn't)</p>

<p>no. if you feel that you covered yourself thoroughly then dont send anything. u mite just be repeating something and that could possibly look bad. i had another huge activity that meant a lot to me that i wished to talk about. if you think they know enough about you, then you are perfectly fine. dont fret :-D</p>

<p>thanks shrek2004, that definitely makes me feel better :)</p>

<li>7 pages (but its all condensed from online...and 9 if you include optional)</li>
<li>I sent it (separately by mail)</li>
<li>The favorites</li>
<li>Now having to rely on teachers to get their part in...gahh procrastinators!</li>

<li>16 (8 for the app, 1 for each essay, 2 for optional form + optional essay, 3 for brag sheet)</li>
<li>Paper app</li>
<li>back to back (that's how it came)</li>
<li>I am...</li>
<li>Optional essay (haha zant)</li>
<li>Worst thing? Umm, worrying that my GC/teachers won't get their part in...or worse, that I won't...</li>

<li>7 (9 plus optional)</li>
<li>I sent it separately as well</li>
<li>I really loved the essays. I seriously think they're some of the best I've ever written.</li>
<li>Same as zant: having to rely on other people to get their parts done. I've already had a not-so-great thing happen involving this, so now I'm OCD about everything related to my applications. I have a hard time trusting people with what is essentially my future, lol</li>

<p>k, mine is:
1. 17pgs --> don't ask
2. PDF printed
3. single page
4. my hand's down for this one
5. it was one of the essays i wrote, but ironically i chose not to send it!!
6. yeah, same as summerwind - you print an essay thinking it's finished, see a one-word error, print it again and are about to check "Do Essay 3" off your list, then find another error...repeat cycle until Insanity Level is reached.

<p>and i have another question.</p>

<p>Hypothetical Situation: Imagine you are <em>not</em> applying to Princeton (i know its hard but just try!), and a friend of yours is. 2 hours after she's put her app to Frist Choice in the mail, she shows you the essays she's just sent. On pg X, three lines down is a MAJOR TYPO!!!(insert heart attack here).
Question:- (now remember, she's already sent the application...) Do you Tell her or Not?</p>

<p>I would not...it will just add to the anxiety and she will gain nothing by knowing it since she can't do anything about it now....</p>

<p>I say it depends on how good of a friend she is.....hehe</p>

<p>lol I noticed you wrote Frist instead of First. lol as in Frist Campus Center in Princeton? See, your subsconscious is obsessed as well. </p>

<p>I say don't tell her.</p>

<p>what did u guys up in the "what else" form?</p>

<p>Another essay about an activity/hobby I didn't get to talk about earlier.</p>

<p>Don't tell her - I wouldn't want to know, if it was me. And this way, if she's not accepted (knock on wood) she won't be able to wonder if it was the typo that was the last strike against her, so to speak.</p>

<p>i get what you're saying garcilisae - but wouldn't that be a reason to tell her. That way if she's rejected she can always have the comfort of knowing that it might'hve been because that huge typo. And what if she re-reads the essay later and sees the error and then confronts you and is like, "Why didn't you tell me!?!"....</p>

<p>hey Zant, are you a lit. student? i wote "Frist" wondering if anyone else would pick it up - i admit, pun intended :) and yah, maybe i am a little obsessed!!!</p>

<p>lol, no not particularly a lit student, but just as obsessed.</p>

<p>lol z! then i guess you're cool
hey, does anyone know the order they read your app in? is it your app, then the optional "what else", then the teacher recs and school stuff? or do they read everything and then the essays last? </p>

<p>it could make a huge difference, u know..."it's all in the details." said the perfectionist :)</p>