It's almost midnight, I'm bored... so what are my chances?

<p>Hello good internet people. I'm currently a junior in high school so I figured I should probably start looking at colleges now. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>School: Catholic all boys high school in MA
GPA: 3.6 UW
Class Rank: My school doesn't have it
SAT: 2120 (670 CR, 700 M, 750 W)
SAT2: Biology: 700 (freshman year), World History: 670 (sophomore year)</p>


<p>Freshman Year: Basic freshmen stuff, got all As except frikin jazz band.</p>

<p>Sophomore Year: AP Euro History (got a 4), again got all As except one class (this time it was spanish)</p>

<p>Junior Year: AP Chem, AP Eng Lang, APUSH, Honors Physics, Honors Precalc. I will hopefully have an A average in all except Chem and Physics. Also all 3 AP exams were pretty easy.</p>

<p>Tentative Senior Year: AP Eng Lit, AP Calc BC, AP Bio, AP Comp Sci, AP World History</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars</p>

<p>4 years cross country (varsity 3 of those years, I'm gonna be captain next year)
4 years indoor track
3 years outdoor track</p>

<p>Ski Club (I snowboard... badly)</p>

<p>I do a lot of retreats with my school, and will be a leader on some next year. </p>

<p>Don't have much community service (should probably get cracking on that this summer) except some tutoring.</p>

<p>Job: During the summer I work at a research center/lab owned by the US Army. They design and test tents, heaters, food rations, etc.</p>

<p>College Majors</p>

<p>I'm kind of undecided as of now, but here are some I'm considering:</p>

Computer Science/Engineering
Environmental Science/Engineering

<p>Colleges I want to apply to (arranged easiest to hardest, kinda)</p>

<p>Santa Clara
USC (probably my #1 choice as of now)
John Hopkins

<p>That's about it I guess. Thank you very much in advance to anyone who responds.</p>

<p>Santa Clara IN
Marquette IN
Lehigh IN
Villanova IN
USC (probably my #1 choice as of now) IN
John Hopkins REACH
Rice REACH</p>

<p>Thanks tomofboston. Anyone else?</p>

<p>Santa Clara- yes
Lehigh-maybe a reach, but you should get in
USC (probably my #1 choice as of now)-yes
John Hopkins-reach

chance me?
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<p>Thank you LaLaZz. And if anyone could give me advice on having a better chance at my reaches, that would be cool too.</p>