It's already August...roommates?

<p>When do we find out our roommates? Does anyone know the exact date?</p>

<p>You should be getting them any day now. We got them one of the first days of August last year.</p>

<p>Be warned that if the roommate has not selected the option to share the data, then you won't get their information in advance. On the housing forms there was a place to permit sharing of your name. Some few don't allow this every year.</p>

<p>do we find out by e mail or snail mail</p>

<p>Given that they sent out an e-mail saying that the last day to cancel free is Aug 4, I would think that we'll know our room mates on the 5th or 6th.</p>

<p>Neither email nor snail mail. You have to go to the housing website to check.</p>

<p>I predict that they will release roommate info on Thursday considering how they released it the first Thursday of August last year.</p>

<p>Thusday the 4th is plausible based on what steven and mcshelvy said, if it was the end of the day of the 4th</p>

<p>CORRECTION: Roommate info was released on the first Tuesday of August last year. This means that roommate info may be out tomorrow at the earliest. There is no guarantee it will be tomorrow though so don't get your hopes up. However, it will be out by the end of this week for sure. I don't know why I even care when I have already chosen and know my roommates, lol.</p>

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<p>Does anyone know what the "housing website" is, where we check roommates?</p>

<p>I'm excited :D</p>

<p>"Sorry, this page is used only before Move-in."</p>

<p>that's all i get from here so far: UC</a> Berkeley Room Assignment Information</p>

<p>Thanks :) Yeah, I tried that too and it said "only used before move-in"...oh well. Hopefully it'll come out very sooon, like Tuesday? My roommate better have a facebook!!</p>

<p>Res Hall on facebook said that roommate decisions will come out by email. It needs to happen already, the suspense is killing me!</p>

<p>^ Do you know when?</p>

<p>youcrazyboy: they just keep spouting this first week of august thing and if anyone asks for a specific date, they just tell them to be patient because they're working on it</p>

<p>Ahhhh, Berkeley, just release it already!!!! All my other HS friends got their housing info a month ago (they're all going to a different college, but whatever)!</p>

<p>EDIT: I want it to be "facebook stalk" time already :(</p>

<p>Where is it posted?</p>

<p>EDIT: Never mind, I read your post as "Berkeley just released it"...</p>

<p>I haven't gotten mine yet, but I'm checking my Calmail, my personal mail that Cal sometimes sends stuff to, and the link posted on the previous page (the Res Hall site)</p>

<p>I got an email ... I'm a transfer who's gonna be in a triple with two freshmen :(</p>

<p>^ That really sucks..</p>