it's already OCT 30 and NO SAT SCORES FOR ME

<p>Okay... Collegeboard is supposed to mail SAT scores out by October 30.... Well it is October 30 already and I STILL DON'T HAVE MY SAT SCORES....NO ONE FROM MY TESTING CENTER DOES. I took the SAT II's (Writing, Math 1c, Literature) and I've been DYING for my scores (I've been checking constantly since last Thursday). Everyone else I know has already gotten their scores and I haven't. I am EXTREMELY DISGRUNTLED AND FRUSTRATED. I waited patiently until Friday to see if my scores would be up... But now it's Saturday October 30 (well at least it is on the East Coast. It's currently 11:37pm in California, Friday night), the day collegeboard is supposed to mail scores out, so I figured they would have the test scores entered into their database already. IF THEY HAVEN'T EVEN GRADED OR HAVE THE SCORES, HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO MAIL IT? They probably aren't then since they can't and it's gonna take forever. And I want to see my scores to see if I need to take them again. </p>

<p>Collegeboard is so mean and cruel. Some people say they got their SAT II scores, but not writing because they still have to grade essays, so why haven't I at least gotten my Math or Literature scores? How come NOBODY in my test center got their scores, did the school lose the tests or something? I haven't had a chance to talk to a live CB representative b/c I live in the West Coast and I'm at school during CB's office hours.</p>

<p>Collegeboard is mean. mean. mean. mean. so mean to a cute little innocent girl like me. <em>smiles meekly</em></p>

<p>WHERE ARE MY SCORES? I at least need to get them in time by mid-November for college applications! GUH</p>

<p>You will get them. I went through a similar situation last June - I took one test, the Math IIC, and it seemed that everyone got scores before I did (although I took the test at a different school, so I don't know about the people at my location). I called the Collegeboard and they said that the proctor probably had not turned the tests in on time, and that they also still had a batch of tests to grade - not many, but a few. I got my scores around the time that they were mailed out.</p>