It's disturbing more voted for the American Idol than the Presidential Elections


<p>but not surprising...</p>

<p>That's not necessary true. One person can vote 200 times on American Idol, plus it's easy to pick up the phone and just dial a number, compared to you have to register first and then go out and vote for the new president. People are just lazy; maybe the new presidential election should be a TV show on Fox where people can vote countless times for their favorite candidate, and then you'll have same number of votes as American Idol.</p>

<p>you have a point, but who would vote 200 times?</p>

<p>People also forget than ANYONE can vote for American Idol, while only registered citizens can vote for President.</p>

<p>and a HUGE part of AI's audience are those under 18</p>

<p>The Presidential Elections have little appeal to the youth. Unless, of course, Mrs. Clinton gets crunk and starts break dancing.</p>


you have a point, but who would vote 200 times?


9 year old girls.</p>

<p>I hate American Idol. It's so boringgggggg.</p>

<p>None of the candidates in the last three, including the upcoming, presidential election cycles have been all that compelling.</p>

<p>I'd rather let the uninformed voters vote for American Idol than for the President. </p>

<p>I'm not feeling too sad about that.</p>

<p>its not surprising at all</p>

<p>people dont give a **** about the government. it's not fun, and too complicated</p>

<p>I agree with smurfgirl.</p>

<p>teenagers and kids vote for american idol, while they obviously cant vote for president.</p>

<p>that statistic is skewed</p>

<p>theres thousands of people who can vote for american idol and cannot legally vote for the president</p>

<p>People can only vote once for president..</p>

People can only vote once for president..


<p>Not true since technically people have been charged with voter fraud by using the names of dead people. Some polling places do not check for ID (this happened to me and I was shocked).</p>

<p>yea but for AI you can vote and vote and vote..</p>

<p>i dont think theres an age limit to American Idol</p>

<p>my little town me and take my signature before I can get in the booth.</p>

<p>I think that my household is the only one in America that does not tune into American Idol/ The whole concept just bores me too much to watch. I love music, but not lounge lizards singing other artists songs.
Boring, to say the least</p>