Its Fall 2021 Where are the new National Merit full rides Universities?

It appears UA Crimson Tide and UTD as well as USF has a full ride. UCF appears to have changed theirs from previous OOS Benacquisto years. I believe the Full Cost Of Attendance going forward is
Any others?

Texas Tech University.

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Here are a few more full ride options:

University of New Mexico:

University of Texas at Arlington: National Merit Scholarship – Financial Aid and Scholarships – UT Arlington

University of North Texas: UNT Meritorious Scholarship for National Merit Finalists | Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

Louisiana Tech University: Freshman Scholarships | Louisiana Tech University

University of Maine (assuming it renews for 2022-2023): First Year Out of State Merit Scholarships - Undergraduate Admissions - University of Maine


100% tuition at Arizona State. I recommend checking out the Barrett Honors College.


Check carefully whether the large scholarships are automatic for NMFs or competitive where NMF is just an initial gate to enter the competition for them.


We had the first of our National Merit recruiting visits at UTDallas. The National Merit Scholar program, which gives automatic admission to their Honors College, really seems to make a “school within the school” environment. My daughter met for over an hour each with a professor from the dept of choice as well as the director of the NMS program. Also got tours of the dorms and honors facilities from some students currently in the program which gave plenty of opportunity to ask questions directly to the students. They were all from out of state, and they all spoke very highly of their experience and the program. Also completely seemed like the kind of people my daughter would want to be friends with. We were very impressed with the opportunities. Lots of neat little perks like monthly nights out to dinner and the symphony or opera with other National Merit scholars and faculty. Not the right fit for every student, but definitely worth a visit, IMO.


Did you see the Starship food delivery robots? My son is a junior at UTD on a National Merit scholarship. We are very thankful for it

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Yes! The robots are so cute! Glad to hear your son is enjoying it.

Fordham offers full tuition scholarships for NMSF/NMFs.

It seems like nowadays it’s not automatic for all. From their website:

  • Fordham Scholarship for Semi-finalists are awarded to students who have been selected as “finalists and semifinalists in the National Merit or National Hispanic Recognition competitions who are entering freshmen” into Fordham University. Students must have achieved an A or A- average and be in the top 2-3% of all admitted students to Fordham.

Oh, didn’t know that. That’s too bad (but probably makes sense for the university).

You can search College Transitions and Extra Mile College Admissions national merit scholarship blog posts that has a detailed list of colleges that provide full rides to National Merit scholars. I think they also list the colleges that offer scholarships to National Merit semi finalists who don’t become finalists.

You may want to recheck all the Florida universities because Florida just passed a state law making all National Merit scholarships possible only for residents. Univ of Florida Gainsville confirmed this.

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There are several threads on CC that contain some good information. The Florida situation has its own thread.

UTD has a very good NMS program. The honors college is well aligned with different majors and core requirements, and students may be able to satisfy the honors college requirements by taking a honors version of classes they have to take anyway. They also have very generous AP and DE policies.

I would definitely recommend the individualized visits UTD offers to NMSFs. Being able to ask specific questions about one’s major and the honors college can be very helpful, as is talking to the current NMS students. And yes, Tobors (small robots that deliver food) are extremely cute :slight_smile:

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Anyone know about Florida International University?

NJIT - New Jersey Institute of Technology - tuition and fees for 4 years.
Washington State - 4 years tuition.
Oklahoma Christian- tuition for 17 credits per semester, fees, housing, meal plan for four years.
Faulkner University- 4 years of funding for tuition, fees, room and board
Arizona State University- 4 years of tuition, fees, room and board, $1300 yearly for books and supplies (You have to use the Scholarship calculator to find it.)
University of Idaho - Full tuition, room, board, fees excluding special lab fees

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@ssptdpt At FIU NM Finalists get:


  • 100% Undergraduate tuition and fees, plus a book stipend
  • 100% housing with meal plan
  • Laptop (with demonstration of financial need)

Academic Benefits Include

  • Guaranteed admission to the Honors College
  • Access to the Honors College Early Assurance Programs for the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine and FIU College of Law
  • Priority registration when choosing classes
  • Guaranteed research opportunities and mentorship

@Yankee_Belle - My DS is currently on the NMF scholarship at ASU. It is 100% of tuition guaranteed, even if tuition increases. Unless the program has changed, that is all you get. I just ran a net price calculator, it came back with $28,800 in aid (tuition).

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Well. dang it. I misread National Scholar as National Merit Scholar. Sorry to get people’s hopes up. ASU does not have a full ride for NM. It has full tuition.