It's funny how we set our standards...

<p>I'm just thinking that everyone on this site is fretting about their SATs (including myself) and the people in the Brown Forum are all worried about their SATs...</p>

<p>Yet my friend got into Brown with a 1260... and the other got into Yale with a 1320 (He was waitlisted @ harvard so just decided to go to Yale). It's ridiculous how much we worry when SATs REALLY aren't our application.</p>

<p>It really is ridiculous. SAT score means very little in reality (as much as I, and others who tend to score well, would like to believe otherwise!).</p>

<p>It's understandable, though. College is very important to people, and they would like to be able to know what their chances are going to be in getting into college. However, most of this is impossible to predict (how is someone on the internet to know if you write good essays?). SAT scores, on the other hand, are quantitative. They are literally the only directly comperable characteristic of all applicants, and thus they are the standard everyone clings onto for comparison on sites such as this.</p>

<p>Yes, but still. I don't think people should decide they're not going to apply to a certain school because of their SAT scores. I know of another kid that applied ED to Columbia with a 1260 as well , maybe it was 1280 not sure, and ended up getting in, much to everyone's surprise. He was lucky they gave him good financial aid though.</p>