Its Offiacial: Cornell Rocks!!!

<p>i did a small survey on the Yale, Princeton and Harvard forums.</p>

<p>All said the same thing: Cornell Engineering is way way way way better.</p>

<p>Coming from the HYPers themselves its a darn big thing.</p>

<p>Cheers Cornell engnrs</p>

<p>Well of course the engineering is better at Cornell. However, they too, have their strong points. Nothing new.....</p>

<p>dude what i mean is...HYPers said it themselves</p>

<p>You asked your engineering question in the wrong places.</p>

<p>Go ask in the MIT, Caltech, and Stanford forums.</p>

<p>i'm hell bent on IVY (bec cousin's at Ivy)
i just wanna go to a better engnr ivy than her (she's at princeton)</p>

<p>So that's the only reason why you're going to Cornell? O.O</p>

<p>Why not really show her and go to MIT?</p>

<p>hmmm...its like family thingy...everyone went to Ivy...uncle, aunt, dad///</p>

<p>as for MIT, they don't let Int'l s apply for EA
Caltech- same
Stanford- west coast, no relatives;so doon't wanna live alone</p>

<p>So for overall prestigiousnous and best engineering programs, it goes like this:</p>

Cal Tech

<p>why don't you instead, make something that like, cures cancer?</p>

<p>that'd show her up, and make you sound like less of a schmuck too!</p>

<p>well i did...made a aviation model simulatin insect flight which won Intel India Science expo</p>

<p>Arjun ru going to Cornell b/c you were also accepted by Chicago and Cambridge right?</p>

<p>yes...but i prefer Cornell</p>

<p>Arjun your redundancy is so obnoxious. We get it, you're utterly obsessed with engineering. No need to prove it's better than the others, we already knew that.</p>

<p>you'll love cornell.</p>

<p>Who gives a **** if HYP kids validate something about our school? Live by your own standards.</p>

<p>well said bongo</p>

<p>berekley, carnegie mellon, MIT, Caltech beats cornell in engineering</p>

<p>Well I'm glad it's offiacial [sic] that Cornell rocks, because I agree too.</p>

<p>i love the use of "sic" it makes me so happy haha</p>