It's startin' to look a lot like last yrs post-prom party!!

<p>Yes, the storm was very widespread. It was dark by the time we got back (9 hours on a bus with a bunch of teens, so I understand feeling beat!), but H said there are lots of trees down and the rivers are all running pretty high.</p>

<p>As for your CC slumber least we'll bring our beverage contributions openly instead of smuggling in our bags!</p>

<p>Yes, the brie should soften around the edges when it's baked. Besides, I'm assuming these kids aren't gourmands.</p>

<p>noooo... the brie is for the neighborhood progressive dinner! I took a nap and overslept!! Now rusing aroudn to get ready!
BTW, anyone want to take bets on what will get left behind??</p>

As long as the booze is the good stuff-- definitely no need to smuggle it in!</p>

<p>Jym, I can't believe you have a neighborhood dinner tonight with those kids staying at your house! Scary! I sure hope they found a concert to attend, or something to do while you're out for the evening. I have to admit, I was a little surprised whent I thought you were baking the brie for the kids </p>

<p>I'm looking forward to the slumber party at your house. Although I've hosted many, I haven't been to one with my contemporaries for many, many years.</p>

<p>Have fun at your dinner party, and let us all know how things turned out.</p>

<p>And here I am with my quiet little weekend -- gym, groceries, meet a friedn tomorrow AM for breakfast, gym, maybe make a cushion for the living room. Maybe not. Jym, you're doing enough for six of us!</p>

<p>Good morning!
To clarify, LIMOMOF2, I didn't have the progressive dinner here-- I just made my contribution and went to the other houses. I am not <em>THAT</em> crazy!!</p>

<p>I made the coffee this morning, found a big thing of sunscreen for them (they were all fried yesterday-- we've had great weather this weekend!) and off they went, around 8:45. I haven't yet been able to bring myself to go down to see what the basement looks like. I did promise to ck it for anything they left behind- and will bring it when I head down to the games later. </p>

<p>The neighborhood progressive dinner was fun. All in a NOLA mardi gras theme. And somebody made terducken!!! Oh-- and thanks, veryhappy-- the brie softened up well. I put mango preserves on top, wrapped it in croissant dough, baked it for 20' and topped it with more mango preserves and blueberries. Yumm!!</p>

<p>jym-I don't think anyone expects you to respond to each of us individually!</p>

<p>Mmmmmmm, I must say that sounds like the very best baked brie recipe I've ever heard of. WHEN you have time, would you mind adding a few more details? Oven temp? croissant dough--is it something that comes ready made or do you make it yourself? would phyllo work? I'm assuming it's a big round brie? </p>

<p>Glad the frisbee weekend is going well.</p>

<p>^^^^I second renee's request. That does sound yummy. Recipe please.</p>

<p>croissant dough = pillsbury crescent dough?</p>

<p>I have a good tasting, completely cheating appetizer using the dough and a round of gouda spread with dijon mustard.</p>

jym-I don't think anyone expects you to respond to each of us individually!


<p>Humph. Speak for yourself. I, for one, expect gratitude and acknowledgement for every comment I make. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>^^^sorry, I guess I lost it for a moment there....:D</p>

<p>Yes, please give us the recipes for the gouda and the brie. Sounds really good. I'm kind of going through a cheesy phase of life right now. I've been eating a lot of blue cheese, but time to branch out . . .</p>

<p>I have seen ready-to-bake brie with cranberries and other cheesy en croute delights at Kroger's & Trader Joe's. That's what <em>I</em> would do. ;)</p>

<p>Got a much needed, long overdue NAP this afternoon! I was just heading out to get down to the fields after lunch, opened the garage door, and ds was sitting in the garage in his car! He'd just gotten back- his team was eliminated :( and he was sore and dead tired. Glad I ran into him in the garage, instead of heading out to the field (1/2 hr away) to discover he wasnt there. So he came in and chilled, and I crashed. I was awakened by a call from the host of the first house of last night's progressive dinner. She had some of my fresh fruit salad left and a small piece of the brie-- wanted to know if I wanted her to drop it by. As yummy as it was, I declined leftovers, told her to enjoy them or pitch them (whichever she preferred) and I went back to sleep!</p>

Yes phyllo dough would work well too. In fact, many of the recipes I looked at called for phyllo dough. I used the crescent roll thing in the cardboard roll that mafool described above (my kids call them "whap rolls" b/c you "whap" the package on the edge of the counter to open them!). You open the dough, flatten it out, try to pinch closed the "seams" between the rolls, put preserves in the center (as it will become the top when you flip it over), put the round of brie on top of the preserves, fold the dough over the brie and pinch it closed. Then you turn it over so the places where you closed up all the dough is on the bottom (unless you are an artiste and can make some fancy pattern with the dough on top of the brie. I have no talent for that). Bake at 400 for 15-20 minutes, and take it out to cool a bit. I then topped it with more preserves (the recipe called for apricot preserves but I had mango and it was REALLY good!) I was going to put fresh mango and kiwi slices (from my fruit salad) on top but I didnt feel they were ripe enough, so I put blueberries that I happened to have on top of the mango preserves. I was then going to put a ring of fresh fruit salad around the brie, but the dish I put it on wasnt big enough, so the fruit salad went in a separate bowl. I brought a box of crackers, and presto-- all done. It was remarkably easy. (PS- fruit salad, except for the blueberries, was pre-made, from Costco).</p>

<p>ANd to veryhappy and everyone else,
But of COURSE I would plan to respond to each and every one of your greatly appreciated comments!! (Is that enough gratitude, Veryhappy?? I'm kinda tapped out right now....)</p>

<p>mstee -
I'm kind of going through a cheesy phase of life right now

cracked me up. I think I read it differently than you intended it, but it made my day-- LOL!!!</p>

<p>Jym, I read mstees comment the same way you did - and it cracked me up too. Sorry mstee!</p>

<p>I'm glad your weekend was a success and that you are able to relax a little now that it's over. I was also relieved to hear that you were not the one hosting your neighborhood party. We don't do anything like that here, but it sounds like a big job, especially when you have a houseful of visiting teenagers.</p>

<p>Thanks, LIMOM. Now I just need my DH to get home safe and sound Tues afternoon. The weather in Kittsbuhl was horrible (winds blowing down trees and such!), so they went back to Garmisch today. He returns Tues--and the weather here is supposed to stink. Maybe he's got bad weather karma or something. After all, it dumped all that snow when we were in NY!</p>

<p>Hey anxiousmom-
I forgot to mention--
When I cleaned up the basement today, I saw that someone had pulled out 2 intresting books from the bookshelf of my old college/grad school books. One was a poetry book, and one was on the meaning of dreams. Interesting kids, those ultimate frisbee players.</p>

<p>Glad to hear you survived, jym. What do you have planned for next year's party?</p>

<p>^^^^^^ Binx,</p>

<p>What do I have planned for next year?? SLEEP!!!! I am turning the reins over to someone else (anyone else!)</p>