It's startin' to look a lot like last yrs post-prom party!!

<p>Ok-- since I obviously didn't learn my lesson after last spring's post-prom party, I offered to host one of the visiting ultimate frisbee teams this weekend for a tournament hosted by our school. Hosting a team seemed easier than having to take a 3 hr shift at one of the concession stands. (Yuk!) Here's a quick summary of this evening's events. I spoke to the chaperones (lovely couple from PA) as they got into town and directed them to an all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, wings, dessert place to take the team for dinner. I'd also stocked up on goodies for them (including 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts hot off the rack!!- I somehow managed not to touch any of them!). They arrived at the house around 9:30-- 11 players and 2 adults. I was originally told the team was all male. I was told wrong. There are 8 guys and 3 girls (or maybe 7 and 4.. I forget..) However, as these coeds are NOT my responsibility, I thought it best that the chaperones stay with the kids. Good plan.</p>

<p>I thought they'd be tired and want to get to bed early. I thought wrong on that one too. They all slept in the van on the way down here, so were rarin' to go and itchy to move around! Swell. So, after a while the team decided to go outside to practice a bit. The biggest space to throw a frisbee is at the nearby middle school just at the edge of the subdivision. So they headed off-- in the cool damp evening, around 10 p.m. to go play (it rained and the ground is wet, but the rain had, for the mostpart, stopped.) The chaperones stayed back to chat and relax. We opened a bottle of good bourbon. First good decision of the evening.</p>

<p>By 11 a few of the team members began to straggle back in. A while later, a few more, saying they took a "shortcut" back (hmmm... there is no "shortcut" from where they were to where we are..). The remaining 5 were planning to come back in "a little while". Well.. you can see where this is going. Time goes by.. it's after midnight. They have to get up early. No sign of the 5. The team captain calls them. They are lost, saying they kept hitting "dead ends". I think they found every cul-de-sac in the neighborhood. We (the dad chaperone and I) finally climbed into the huge 14 person van and went to find them-- . They gave us a street name and house #. They were in the way back end of the subdivision, at the opposite end from where they started. They were a good mile and a half from here. Well, aside from almost getting locked out of the house, we returned safely, and the house is now quiet. Its almost 1:30. Time to hit the hay. The coffee is out and ready to be made for any who want it, and all the breakfast items-- OJ, croissants, yogurt, nutri-grain bars, grapefruit slices, bananas, and the infamous 2 dozen Krispy Kremes, are all out as well. (well, some is in the fridge, but available..) I suspect the trail mix and chips won't be on their breakfast menu, but ya nevah know! Any chance I'll sleep in while they (and my son) get up and head out to the tournament? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Right.</p>

<p>Stay tuned. Tomorrow is day 1 of the tournament and also our neighborhood progressive dinner. The chaperones are talking about taking their team to a concert or something toomorrow night. That'll be interesting..</p>

<p>"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."</p>

<p>Jym, when will you learn?! </p>

<p>Hopefully they'll wake up happy, love your breakfast food, leave the house on time, and never return. </p>

<p>And a thank you note or two would be a nice touch, wouldn't it? Hope springs eternal.</p>

<p>Oh, I'd take that 3 hour concession stand shift in a heartbeat!!</p>

<p>The world owes its thanks to people like jym.</p>

<p>Jym, you'll have to keep us posted on how this whole thing turns out. I may be in a similar situation next month and have to refer back to this thread (and the post-prom thread) for some much-needed advice. D is involved in a school activity which requires us to host groups of visiting students (usually coed). Last year we got out of it because D had to partcipate in a sports event that night, but we may not get so lucky this year. To be honest, she doesn't want to host - instead she would rather stay at someone else's house because our house can only hold 8 or so kids. She would rather stay somewhere with 20+ which is what she ended up doing last year. I just helped carpool the kids back to the high school the next morning - not a bad</p>

LOL!! You sound like the kind of mom every kid wishes he/she had. Thanks for sharing your adventures with the rest of us.</p>

<p>Good morning!
Thanks for the kind words, mominva. Despite the craziness, I find this much more fun than working the concession stands. Plus, I'd rather watch a game than sell hot dogs!
Enjoying the quiet for now. I got up and made coffee at 6:30. DS was out the door by 7 (wanted to get to the team captain's mtg early). The visiting team was out by about 8. Their captain will probably make it to the captains mtg-- apparently ultimate frisbee players give "laid back" a new meaning. They'll start the games "around 9:15" .. or whenever. I'll wander down after lunch to watch the afternoon games, once I figure out which fields I am supposed to go to (the facilities are about 5 miles apart). </p>

I've got them for 1 more night. They are considering finding some music venue to ck out after the dinner event this evening. That should be interesting... especially trying to find parking for a huge van towing a trailer! They plan to see if they can leave the trailer down at school so they don't have to tow it around again 'til they head back up north tomorrow.</p>

<p>The basement looks like a bomb hit it, but in truth that's a familiar sight! LOL. I enjoyed it being clean, even if only for a brief time. There are pillows, sleeping bags books and assorted food items all over the place. They snarfed down all the donuts! (I was hoping maybe there'd be one left...but its probably better that there wasn't).
DH gave s a wake-up call at 7 am-- from Germany! Apparently there is a big storm there, but he and his friend are going from Garmisch to Kittsbuhl (sp) to ski. Rough life. No sympathy from me!</p>

What event are you hosting? When I was in HS we hosted fellow members of a Model Congress event. Anything similar??? Happy to share the good and bad experiences, and any tips. </p>

<p>Ok-- time to get ready to head to the fields. I am tired. I wonder why...</p>

Thanks for the vote of confidence. My s gives me a hard time about doing this. He feels (1) I go overboard (probably true, but I think it is appreciated by the other team. (2) I "pushed" them to take extra bottled water from our house this morning (they'll need it) (3) He had to clean up the basement and keep it clean for the week (too bad.. one of my little pleasures) and (4) he has had to stay upstairs with the rest of the family, and out of "his space" for a little while (I repeat-- too bad-- another of our little pleasures). I hope he can realize that if the tables were turned, he'd want a nice family to host/treat them equally well.</p>

<p>jym, congrats for offering to host these kids. When I was growing up, my family did it with hockey teams, and when my kids were younger, I did it with soccer teams. It was tiring but fun! :) I do have to mention, though, that it made me cringe a bit when you mentioned the 14 seat van that they were travelling in. I know that they're banned from use here for school groups because of so many terrible accidents. After the latest one, this winter, with a hockey team, I thought I had read that most school systems in the U.S. had also banned them. I guess that wasn't true.</p>

<p>JYM, my son travels with his college Ultimate team and I wish he had that "mom" touch. They pack 15 guys into one hotel room, to cut down on costs. The senior members of the team get the beds! Last weekend he was in Alabama, this weekend in Springfield, MO.</p>

<p>Good luck! The bourbon sounds like the best part.</p>

<p>jym626.. don't you just love Ultimate Frisbee kids? I've enjoyed having my share of (college) Ultimate kids here overnight for intown tournaments. With them, you don't have to worry about much; they are polite, have their own transportation, and even bring along their study materials. (One even brought along a clarinet and practiced in an upstairs bedroom...) You are very brave to be taking on highschool students...</p>

<p>Hi jym626,
You'd better watch out because you are going to get a "rep" on the circuit as the house everyone wants to stay in! I've done a bit hosting, back when S#1 was an undergrad. He would drive his college van here carrying his a cappella group. A co-ed group of 10-12. They split themselves up in a bunch of our upstairs bedrooms. I borrowed sleeping bags and air mattresses from friends.
I thought it was a great group of kids and a wonderful experience for my younger kids to see serious college students who would be hanging out in our living room playing board games or rehearsing at times, and spread out all over our house doing homework at other times. The second time they came here I made a hot, cooked-to-order breakfast for them, starting at 6:45 a.m. Luckily, DS had the sense to take the orders from them the night before so that I could prep the kitchen correctly. LOL I do think that our kids appreciate these efforts, and I'm glad that my DS wasn't too embarrassed by his family and brought his friends here! I hope you had good weather for the Frisbee watching this p.m., and I hope the team is kind enough to clean up after themselves!</p>

<p>maybe the next CC get-together should be a co-ed overnight at jym's. She does it up right!</p>

<p>I like the idea of a host family! Don't think I'd like to be it though so good for you. My daughter is thinking of joining an ultimate frisbee team next year (could not this year because an evening lab that clashed with practices). She got an email from one of the frisbee team members she knows and they are staying in a hotel - 2 rooms with about 15 per room. I did not think you could do that (kind of wonder if the hotel knows). I'll direct them to your place :)
(don't worry - I have no idea what state they are even in).</p>

<p>jym, yes, as a matter of fact, it is a Model Congress event. D is really not too excited about us hosting the kids here though. I would definitely be interested in hearing the positives and negatives, as well as any tips you can provide. My guess is that providing lots of snacks and a good breakfast probably help a lot.</p>

<p>It sounds like you have everything under control with the ultimate frisbee team. Good luck on night #2. Oh, and enjoy the game(s) today.</p>

<p>Wow. How do you do it? I can't imagine having all those kids in one house! What a riot!</p>

<p>Well, Jym, sounds like you're ready for a big CC slumber party next!</p>

<p>But we'd be much more rowdy than those prom kids were! :D</p>

<p>That's 'cause we'd be drinking the bourbon!</p>

<p>jym, sounds like it's going really well! At the beginning of the thread, I was thinking that it was too bad I couldn't drop in for a Krispy Kreme, but then I kept reading and saw they had been finished off. :)</p>

<p>Guess what, I spent Tuesday through this AM in Garmisch with kids at an FBLA conference. That is so weird that your husband was there, too!</p>

<p>Hi everyone! Please know that if I had the energy I'd respond to each of you individually. Right now I am pretty whipped, and enjoying a little peace and quiet. I missed the 2 games that Ds's team won. Got there in time to see a great game, but they lost. They then had to play a 4th in a row, and they were pretty beat (I can relate) so were kinda dragging a bit. I figured maybe I was a jinx, so I headed out after about 3 hrs. Had to run a few errands (picked up krispy Kreme donut holes, more nutri grain bars and powerade). I have to make my baked bried thing for tinights party, but the brie seems hard around the edges and I am too whipped to go out and get another one. Anyoen know if the edges will soften up when I bake the thing in the pastry shell?</p>

H said the weather in Kittsbuhl today was awful. I guess they shoulda stayed in Garmisch! So.. the next cc get together is a bourbon-infused co-ed slumber party at my house? I can't wait.</p>