It's the most wonderful time of the year...

<p>For chances…wasnt that clever…</p>

<p>I had an interview in October </p>

<p>Name: =)
Houston, Texas
African American Female wanting to go into the sciences…
Live in the third ward… if that means anything
Family income : <$20,000.</p>

<p>Public high school
Rank: 1/870 ( understand that my school isnt the most competitive school out there)
GPA: 4.6ish UW: 3.95 ( two B’s only this year)
Clases Senior Year
AP Physics C
AP English Lit
AP Government
AP Macroeconomics
AP Calc AB ( self study BC to take test… couldnt take physics and BC)
German 2
(German 3 during summer just for fun)
PE… ugggg… so dreadful</p>

<p>Family: single parent household…
Siblings in college-2
College costs of both siblings school ($94,000)</p>

<p>SAT: Yikes…
ACT: 31… kinda low…( December scores… 26 English… dont know what happened… Math: 32 Reading 33 Science: 33 )
SAT2’s still waiting on score: Biology E : 690
Took Math 1, 2, and Physics</p>

<p>Clubs: President of : German, SNHS, HOPE (service organization)
Sec: Debate, Acadec Dec.</p>

<p>Debate awars: loads… performed for Houston Health and Services Department…
Cardinal Health Inc. in Houston Texas
UIL state participant (5A school) ( Persuasive extemp)
TOC qualifier x2
TFA state qualifier in 6 events
NFL National qualifier in OO and FX and outround participant
Quarterfinalist in Impromptu at Nats
School Acadec Excellence award
National Finalist in speech competion
Questbridge College prep scholarship winner
National Merit Commended
AP Scholar with Honor</p>

<p>essays: about mom… kinda risky… how her death inspired me to enter the medical field</p>

<p>Teacher recs: pretty good
Counselor rec: better than average… I think he might add how i have to raise my two cousins as my father works two jobs to put food on the table…</p>

<p>Will likely leave with 6 5’s on AP tests…3 4’s and a 3 ( computer science AB) …darn C++ wannabe Java… ok sorry about that</p>

<p>So here are my schools:</p>

<li>RICE… I think its just the best school in the world…</li>

<p>If yo do as good of a job on your application as you did in high school, I'd say you're in.</p>

<p>You're in for sure :)</p>

ACT essay: 12
MAth 1C : 690</p>

<p>ya. i'd definitely say you're in. your stats are way better than mine...</p>

<p>your title made me laugh..</p>

<p>i really think you're in. no way of knowing for sure, but i think you've got it.</p>

<p>You're in, theres no way you wouldnt be</p>

<p>Thanks for the comments.. Rice is my dream school and I REALLY REALLY want to go there. </p>

<p> topic of discussion... with the end of the interim will this play an effect in Visions Weekend 2008? Are people that are already accepted going to make up a large majority of those asked to attend?</p>