IU Bloomington, Penn State, and CU Boulder computer science/engineering chance me

I will be applying early action to both of these colleges.
Chance me. I am a Junior in Iowa who will be early actioning to Penn State, IU Bloomington, and CU Boulder with an intended major of computer science.
My stats are -
GPA - 3.5 unweighted and 4.0 weighted
SAT - Superscore 1480, 790 Math and 690 Reading/Writing
1420, 790 Math and 630 Reading/Writing
Ap scores -
Psych - 4
Stats - 3
English Language - 4
Computer Science Principles - 4
European History - 4
Great ecs and essays.

Do you have tuition exchange with any of those schools? If not, why any of them over Iowa State? Specious rankings aside, ISU is one of the best colleges of engineering in the nation. The others will cost you much more.

Although it goes under the headline Software Engineering, it is ABET accredited for CS. The vast majority of CS majors do SE anyway.

According to College Scorecard, the only source of non-self-reported salary data, the median salaries for ISU, PSU, CU, and IU are $72K, $78K, $76K and $71K.

Seems like a big investment for little or no return.

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I fully agree with @eyemgh that Iowa State is the way to go if you are a junior in Iowa.

But two weeks ago you stated that you were a junior in Indiana. That’s confusing…

Oh lol idk why but I don’t want to state the state I live in. I just don’t live in any of the states of the colleges mentioned.

I just want to know my chances at these colleges.

But your chance is partly a function of your state of residence, so providing the wrong state is problematic.

Well, it isn’t Indiana since he/she/they said it is not one of the colleges mentioned in this thread…

Since the OP has posted more than once, and listed more than one state as the one they are from, @NJEngineerDad simply asked for clarification.

Iowa no longer participates in the Midwest Student Exchange Program. You’ll be spending full price. Do your parents have a budget? Any other siblings? Whether you can get in or not is sort of immaterial if they can’t digest the $200K bill you’re thinking about dropping on them.

Oh, I got it. Was just joking since the OP ruled out Indiana with his later statement (and Pennsylvania and Colorado as well). :wink:

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I only need someone to give me an estimate on if I can get into any of these colleges without worrying about money or location. I will figure that out by myself.

CS is competitive everywhere. I don’t have direct knowledge of any of them, but given their name recognition and the fact that they are all state flagships, I would say they are all reaches for CS with your GPA and SAT. Have a safety or two.

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