IU Freshman Record?

<p>I got a mailing today asking me to send in my photo and such for the Freshman Record. I'm just wondering if it's a big, common thing to participate in this and if most people generally do it. Because if I'm like the only one along with less than half the freshman class who submits a photo, I don't know if I should bother. </p>

<p>If you are starting at IU come fall, do you plan to participate in this?</p>

<p>I got it a month or so ago, so I don't know why you're just getting that, but I did it. In the end it probably doesn't matter, but my mom wanted me to do it for some reason...</p>

<p>I also hope I am not like 1/100 people to do it though</p>

<p>I'm not... i figure i'll just be one face alongside like 5,000 others.. what is the point? haha.</p>

<p>Got two requests so far. I thought it sounded totally bogus. I googled, found nothing. Sounds like one of those places where you get yourself in a "Who's Who" type book just by paying to have your name in it. And, how could they print it in time for it to do you any good (get to know people). But it DID seem to have a legit IU affiliation/logo. But...we said no, in our house.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, I was wondering that too... but there is a link to it on the top right-hand corner of the IDS website, so wouldn't that make it legitimate?</p>

<p>I think it is legitimate and IU probably gets a cut off of each order. I remember doing this back in the 70's when I was a freshman at a small LAC. In fact, I ran across it a couple of years ago and it was fun looking back at the pics. However, these days I doubt very many students participate, given the popularity of the new Facebook and other online social media. My S did not order one 3 years ago and his social life has not suffered. : )</p>

<p>Yes, as I said...though it "sounds" bogus...I DO think it's "legit"...but just a fundraiser. The paperwork says who gets the money, but I forget...alum association maybe? Just doesn't seem worthwhile. I mean, first...WHEN would you even get it? AFTER you've met all your friends? No one can meet 20,000-30,000 people...I get it, but...what worth is it really? Can't compare to a high school yearbook. But - Just My Opinion. I just can't see how it would be worthwhile ESPECIALLY since it's "voluntary/paid"...because...I can't imagine how many people are actually in it. Which is weird because I usually opt to buy EVERY POSSIBLE option offered to me (in life in general)..."Ohhh...can't miss getting the signed poster of the play we just saw"...You know. Miss "Gotta have it all"</p>

<p>On Oncourse, which is the site you go to to check grades and stuff, you can check the roster for the specific classes you are taking. Only a few people have pictures up on there, rest of them have nothing. For the Freshman Record it's probably similar. I wouldn't bother with it.</p>