IU Kelley Petition Tracker 2021

@21undecided21 @NYCDad26 I would recommend that you make that decision based off of how close your stats are to the cutoff. If your scores are on the lower end, anything that you include in that box could help you.

Has anyone who petitioned gotten an acceptance email yet?

I called the admissions office. They said that decisions on Kelley only come a few weeks after an initial decision has been made on admission to IU generally. So as I understand it, unless you have been admitted to IU already, you will not hear from Kelley today.

Kelley acceptance emails started dropping this morning.

yes i received my email this morning

@ryders3 I submitted my petition on September 24th and got accepted to IU on November 11th, but did not get an email. What email address did the email come from?

@simsjos001 you hear from Kelley 4-6 weeks after your IU acceptance



came about 2-3 weeks after IU acceptance

@ryders3 @fanoffriends Okay, so it turns out I was actually accepted into IU on October 14th, not November 11th. I guess I originally thought it was October 11th, but then mistyped and said November.

With that being said, today is one month after I was I initially accepted, so I should receive an email in the next two weeks?

How long was it before you received your email after your acceptance email?


portal acceptance 10/27
IU acceptance email arrived 10/31
kelley acceptance email arrived 11/13

My theory is the people who got emails on Friday met the direct admit criteria and did not petition. Still waiting on petition decisions.

Got it. Hoping to receive an email this week. It has been just over a month after I got an acceptance from IU. What scores did you petition with @fanoffriends?

@simsjos001 direct admit so maybe they are releasing those first and then will now start to send out acceptances to everyone who petitioned. GOOD LUCK!!

Email this morning with petition acceptance. Don’t remember when petition was filed. Probably early October. GL everyone!

I got in with a 4.0 and a 1300 this morning!

Finally! I also received word this morning around 11 AM that I had received direct admission! Hope everyone on here gets the same email soon! Good luck to everyone!

Anyone know when the next round of petition decisions will release? I submitted mine on December 2 before the December 4 deadline but now the priority deadline got moved to January 4.

Just got direct admit via petition at 11:00am (eastern) this morning. Submitted my petition October 30th.
GPA: 4.1
SAT: 1220
Extracurriculars: Job, coding club, basketball

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I got accepted to IU, but not sure about Kelley. I petitioned on 7th December and applied on 26th November. Did I get rejected?

Still waiting. Submitted petition on 11/5.