IU Kelley School Transfer Student

<p>I'm transferring to the IUB campus from the IU Northwest campus to attend Kelley to major in Accounting. I'll be coming in as a second semester sophomore and after the one-semester residency period I won't start the Kelley School until my junior year. The thing is, I hear that the the Bloomington campus is full of cliques and if you transfer in after freshman year it can be difficult to meet people. How true is this? I'm sure hundreds of people transfer in every semester, but I know that in the business world contacts are a huge thing. If it's going to be as difficult to rub elbows in btown as I hear, I may just have to reconsidering my transfer and head somewhere else.</p>


<p>I can see why you would be worried. as you mentioned there are lots of transfer students that come to IU. There are thousands of clubs at IU and at Kelley so meeting people won't be a problem. Just be sociable and reach out... and you'll be fine. It's a big school so you will meet every type of people.</p>