IU Kelley vs. Villanova Business

Hey y’all. I want to pursue a career in business, and I am interested in studying finance. However, I am open to exploring other areas in business as well. I am deciding between two colleges right now: the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the Villanova School of Business at Villanova University. I got into the honors program at Villanova and the Hutton Honors College at Indiana. I overall enjoyed both campuses greatly. However, I am having a tough time deciding between the two. I am not sure if Villanova is worth going to for 70k, but I know their alumni network is very strong. With Kelley, the main concern I have is placement due to geographic location. Any advice or help?

I would have voted for Kelley even without knowing it was less $. Kelley has a great reputation, you won’t have problems with finding placements throughout the country. I’d recommend looking at their outcomes. You’ll see companies from all over the country .

I really appreciate your input. I would rather prefer to work along the east coast. Does that have any influence over your answer?

We are from the east coast and my son is a senior at Kelley. His internships were both in the Midwest and he will be working in Chicago after graduation. Some of where you land will depend on your major and the type of career you want. Also, is the school a “target” for recruitment. (Big 5 accounting and consulting firms mostly recruit at certain schools depending on their geographic area) Kelley is a targeted school for the Chicago offices of these firms. That doesn’t mean you can’t land elsewhere but something to consider.

My son is a sophomore at Kelley. From what I know, Kelley graduates have landed positions all over the country. It should not limit you geographically.

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