IU SSA Cox Program Reviews

Hi all,

Just had a quick question about the SSA. So in the email invitation I received to apply for SSA, it mentioned that my application would be reviewed by the following programs: Cox Research Scholars Program, Hutton Honors College.

Just wanted to ask what this means. Are the programs interested in the initial profile they saw from the applicant before they submitted the SSA? Asking because I am really interested in the Cox Research Scholars program and have had experience with research, but it seems like many people that just have good merit qualifications (no indicated interest in research) also got the same invitation to apply to Cox as I did. Also getting really nervous as the deadline for Cox Research Decisions is coming soon. Please reply if you have any knowledge about the email or the program!

My son got the same email as you. Yes, it is initially based on merit qualifications, but after that they will be looking at your work history and your essay as to why you would be a good candidate for the scholarship. I imagine that your research experience will definitely be a plus and I know that they are going to weigh heavily on the essay as there isn’t any in person interviews this year. My older son had a classmate of his get the Cox Civic Scholarship, and he graduated debt free. Good Luck

Thank you, best of luck to your son as well!

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If you’re in state and got the SSA, then you were probably eligible to apply for Cox even without research experience. I’m not sure if every in-state SSA kid is eligible to apply for it, but it’s definitely a lot of kids.

By the way, decisions will be out this weekend.

My son didn’t get one of the Cox Scholarships. Good Luck to the rest of you.

Sorry he didn’t get the Cox Scholarship. We are waiting to hear. When were you notified?

Via an email at 4:00 pm EST. The Cox Scholarships are very competitive. Hoping for a little from Hutton Honors or even a departmental scholarship. He’s gotten a very nice scholarship from IU already and we’ve had him apply for a boatload of outside scholarships. Good Luck and hopefully your student will get one.

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After getting the email that my son was no longer being considered for the Cox Research Scholarship, I did a little research myself. If we had realized that one of the big deciding factors for the scholarship was financial need, then we might not of had my son pursue it. Seeing that the government considers us wealthy enough to cover his total cost of enrollment, and then some, we aren’t, then we might’ve just skipped applying for it. The only good thing from applying for the scholarship is that it’s done through the Hutton Honors College. So even though he didn’t get the Cox Scholarship, he did end up getting a scholarship from the Hutton Honors College. They had not one, but two opportunities to read his essays, which are my sons strong suit. If anyone received any of the Cox Scholarships, I’d like to here about it and commend you for getting one. Very prestigious and definitely life changing.