IUB Kelley versus IUPUI Kelley

<p>OK. I have been on the IUB site for quite awhile hearing from them about their thoughts on why IUB is a better place to go. Many are convinced of that. I know about the GPA differences, the Honors differences etc. IUB has tougher entrance into Kelley, but IUPUI has higher washout with prerequisites (percentage rate). So, in my view the same caliber of student is there at the end.</p>

<p>So far the only cogent differences are a 200 level case at IUB and the ICORE is 2 more credit hours. In my mind these don't matter if you grab other opportunities. I know I would hire a kid who had the guts and maturity to study in a foreign country for a semester rather than earning 2 more credits on a Capstone.</p>

<p>My son got a direct admit, max initial scholarship (IUPUI is higher) and will qualify for Honors Scholarships (IUPUI is higher) at both places. It seems that it might be a no brainer to go to IUPUI and study abroad and be in Kelly Honors the whole time. Then have enough money left to get his MBA.</p>

<p>Feedback please about your experiences with Kelley at either place.</p>

<p>A lot of readers but no responders.</p>

<p>Just need some input about IUPUI Kelley versus IUB.</p>