IUPUI Computer Science?

I want to go to IUPUI for computer science, but i’m not sure if I should apply as undeclared or put my intended major as Computer Science when I apply.

The averages for IUPUI are:
GPA: 3.39
SAT: 1090
ACT: 22

My stats are:
GPA: 3.41 (unweighted) 3.48 (weighted
SAT: 1140
ACT: (still waiting for scores)
-4 years spanish club
-2 years engineering club
-A ton of community service
-4 academic/honors awards from my school

  • 2 honors classes (both fresh. year)
  • 2 AP classes
  • 8 dual credit classes
  • rank in top 15% of my school (28 out of 190)

I switched from a private to public school after my sophomore year.

My stats seem pretty borderline and i’m just not sure if I should apply as declared because I heard their CS program is hard to get into. Any thoughts or comments?

It doesn’t hurt to apply directly to the program. They will consider you for direct admit to the School of Science and yes, your stats are borderline, but you might get in. Even if you don’t, you will still be pre-CS. They won’t hold it against you if you are not directly admitted. A majority of the students in the program are not, but gain acceptance after their first year.

Just wanted anyone interested to know, that even with my stats I got direct admittance to the Computer Science Program. I was notified about 3-4 weeks after applying!