IUPUI or Purdue University

I have been accepted for MSECE at IUPUI, I am a new comer to US on a Permanent Resident status, I am a single mom, and have been away from the field for the last 10 Years, so my question is which campus will be better for me for my graduate school, and why?

IUPUI has a large number of serious and older students. Thanks in part to the Medical and Dental schools and other Graduate opportunities. Smack in the middle of a vibrant “midsized, big town”.

West Lafayette is is a good smaller town that has a good quality of life. The problem is that the majority of the town is the campus.

Visit both and see for yourself.

Purdue is a much much better school in ECE.

Interesting. It is the the same School. Depends which campus you like.

Same issue that the IU Kelley School has. Many folks say that Bloomington Kelley is Sooooo much better than Indianapolis. But there is not one shred of evidence to support that. Only very proud alumni who will argue. It is a great school but when it all boils down, the placement is the same, the opportunity is the same.

Please go and visit and see for yourself. It is hard to beat a Purdue engineering degree no matter which campus you choose. If the IUPUI offer is good , then go.