I've already submitted my CSS profile, but it had the 2006 tax information on it...

<p>I'm in the process of sending the updated FAFSA / IDOC w/ 07 forms, but do I have to do anything about the CSS?</p>

<p>You cannot correct the Profile online like FAFSA, you send corrections to the individual schools.</p>

<p>It'll be okay. . .FAFSA overrides CSS, according to the colleges I've called.</p>

<p>tina, would you like to elaborate on how FAFSA "overrides" the Profile? Thanks.</p>

<p>For my son's schools we had to print out the profile, make corrections and mail it to each school. If you go through other threads you will find that this is discussed quite often and is the typical procedure.</p>

<p>I had many schools that needed corrected Profile as my family completed it in late January before the taxes were done. After the taxes were done, there were several corrections to make, so we printed out a copy of the Profile acknowledgment, and hand wrote the corrections. We submitted the corrections to every school, enclosed in the same envelope with our 2007 tax returns. My understanding is that this is what you are supposed to do.</p>

<p>thesmiths - I think you're applying to USC, so you will be happy to know they don't want to see an amended Profile. They will use your taxes to recalculate the amounts. Only a couple out of six of S's schools wanted the actual document.</p>

<p>Yeah I messed up too so now it calculated my income as double.. =_= do we just send USC a paper copy? what's an acknowledgement??</p>

<p>Different schools want you to correct Profile differently. Email or call each school that uses Profile & ask what they want.</p>



<p>Nope. Actually if anything...for schools that use the Profile, it overrides the FAFSA as it contains more financial information they use.</p>

<p>Call the colleges about the Profile. Each school will tell you what to do. Most will ask that you print out the form, make the handwritten corrections and mail it to someone there.</p>