I've got a 1600

<p>Actually, I don't. But please rate my chances anyway.</p>

<p>Lower class white male
Large Public School
Class Rank: 1/~200, Schoolwide rank - 1/1000
690V = 1410 (Just got my scores; I'm going to retake them before the new SAT)
Prospective Major - Japanese
Prospective Minor - Math</p>

<p>Courses that count:
Spanish I, III (skipped Spanish II), Japanese I, II, Algebra I-Precalculus, AP Calculus A (one semester of distance learning)
Courses at UVA - Calculus I, II (I live in Charlottesville).
AP Euro - 4</p>

<p>I'm currently taking Japanese III, Spanish IV, US History at UVA and Multivariable Calculus at UVA, and will take another math course at UVA next semester.</p>

<p>EC's -
3 Years Ultimate Frisbee
5 years Tae Kwon Do (though I stopped a few years ago, so I guess this doesn't count)
Spanish National Honor Society (I've never been to a meeting yet, so I'm not sure how long I'll be in that)
I plan to get a job as soon as I turn 16 (I skipped 8th grade)
I will attend the Virginia Governor's School for Japanese this summer</p>

U of Chicago
Princeton (see below)</p>

<p>I have an uncle who went to Cornell. I'll have great rec's, though I don't know if I got one from my uncle how much it would mean since I only see him once a year. As for my essay, I have overcome adversity, or at least that's what people are telling me to put in my essay (series of family tragedies/hardships in a short period of time), though I still don't think that would make a good essay topic (and this has been confirmed by some CC'ers).</p>

<p>My mom is making me apply to Princeton, because I can get a rec from an alumnus. I've actually never met the dude, so I doubt it would help, but, he is the commisioner of my estate (guy from the gov't who looks over my inheritance), and I've paid for my UVA classes with my inheritance, and he knows about all the crap that happened to my family, so he could put that in his rec instead of me putting it in my essay. </p>

<p>How much will my arrant EC's hurt me?</p>

<p>If someone would kindly give me an estimation of my chances, I'd greatly appreciate it.</p>

<p>i think you have a good chance at Cornell. My friend with less stats than you got in fine. Thats so kewl u r white and speak japanese</p>

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<p>I know nothing about your background, but first of all, getting a "commisioner of my estate " to write a rec isn't going to help, even IF he DID go to an ivy. What about recs from your teachers? Those will be infinitely more helpful.</p>

<p>Lower class white male with rec from executor to his estate? You might send mixed message!! If you are lower class, first generation, go to high school in lower class area, Princeton is possible. If not, focus on the rest of your list, which is good with your stats.</p>

<p>So basically since I've never met the commisioner, even if he could explain the hardships and stuff, it wouldn't really be a good rec?</p>

<p>And as for my estate, it's like 100 grand but I can only use 3 grand a year for school related stuff, all of which I'm using. Right now, I live with my mom in an apartment in a really poor area, but the highschool I go to is pretty average, wealth wise.</p>

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UVA...Good (If in-state) or Okay (other)
U of Chicago...Good
Princeton (see below)...Iffy</p>

<p>Just my opinion.</p>