Ivies & Recruiting

<p>I know that Ivy League schools don't give out scholarships, but if they want you to run for them (in my case), then will they give you money to do so? There's no way my parents could afford an Ivy League education, but I have the grades and talent to attend. If it helps, I have been sent letters from Columbia and Brown. Thanks!</p>

<p>If you cant afford it, you will qualify for the very generous aid they give out.</p>

<p>Correct. No athletic scholarships, and no academic scholarships. Financial aid is "need based" financial aid. If you have the talent, grades and desire you should pursue it. Until you get more information will you know for sure where you stand. Good luck.</p>

<p>The need-based aid is typically very generous. Should you be admitted, you'll probably be able to afford it due to the aid.</p>

<p>^^ not true
there was a family here on CC that got the aid package with a HUGE GAP.....</p>

<p>Correct, Ivy Athletes get no fin aid for their sport--
so you had better look at your finances with your family--because that "need" will determine how the school looks at yur package.</p>

<p>One idea--check the Princeton web site for FinAid--the online calculator will let you know how Princeton "might" look at your families finances. You need tax return info etc. It is helpful--However remember that all schools all do it differently.</p>

<p>Also check the Fafsa web site.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>hi helloh,
I agree with the advice above, especially about checking the financial aid numbers before much more time goes by. If you are a senior, active recruiting starts July 1st. If your times/jump distances are good enough, you will be invited on official visits. You can only take five, and you don't want to visit schools you can't possible afford to attend. Keep it real :) </p>

<p>I don't want to burst your bubble, but each Ivy sends out hundreds (maybe thousands) of interest letters to track athletes above certain performance standards. To really find out if you fit on the team, check the results from recent track meets, and look at the profiles of the current roster to see the current runners' high school PR's. If you're a match or better than kids running your event, you will do well in recruiting, as long as your grades and scores are also within the accepted range at each school. </p>

<p>Best wishes-</p>

<p>Hence why I said 'typically' and 'probably'- by no means a sure thing. You cite one family that wasn't able to afford it, while there are considerably more who were able to. It may not work out, but the chances are fairly good it will. All the more reason to keep options open though.</p>