IVY chances=literally 0?!

I am currently a sophomore from a small lac. I will be a junior transfer.</p>

<p>Here my statistics:
SAT subject: will take in Nov. Math2/Physics/Chem
High School GPA: different scale, but 2%
College GPA: 4.0 right now(but expect 3.9ish after this semester)
Course: all science courses except for philosophy/English classes in freshman yr. I am taking 2 junior level classes right now, which I think will result a 3.9ish GPA.</p>

Research: most significant to me.
There is a university besides my college, and I do research there. I began research from the 2nd semester of freshman yr, but not in depth. In the summer of freshman yr, I changed to another lab and absolutely put more efforts in it. I continued the research in my sophomore year. I have one more experiment to finish my project. My graduate mentor said there might be some chances to publish our results in a small academic magazine.
I also conducted an 'independent study', which is literally independent. Before I began my research in the summer of my freshman yr, I interned at a clinic. Their methods of treatment is really interesting, and I did some research myself. I don't expect to be published, but I think I will have a premature paper or something to show.
Other than that is pretty much normal
Intern: the internship in a clinic as I mentioned above
Tutoring: Calculus in freshman year, Foreign language in sophomore year
Volunteering: at a hospital from 2nd semester of freshman yr
President of a club</p>

1 from the boss in the lab( and probably also 1 from my graduate mentor)
1 from orgo prof.
1 from English prof.
I talked to my English prof. and my graduate mentor. I expect at least above average.</p>

Reason for transfer a)research. There in no research opportunity in my lac college. The one I am doing now is not what I want to do in future.
b)There is not a good major in my college which fits my future career plan</p>

<p>I retook the SAT1 this Oct. I expected a much better score, but have to accept the reality. I am thinking of retaking it in Jan, but I have no idea that I will have a much higher score according to what happened in the past test. Assume that I won't score higher, is there literally no chances to ivies for me?
Since I didn't apply to any dream/reach school as freshman applicant, I really want to try out in this turn. As I know SAT is important for ivies, which explains why I retook it in sophomore yr, it is heartbroken to know that I did even worse. Before I knew my SAT score, I was thinking of----- Harvard/ Yale/ MIT/ Upenn/ Cornell. But now, I don't know if these schools are jokes for me.</p>

<p>Have you any suggestions/thoughts?
A. Retake SAT.
a)Remain the list but add more other schools
b)change the list to lower schools
B. Don't take SAT
a)Remain the list but add more other schools
b)change the list to lower schools
C. It seems that I have to add more schools whatever. I want to transfer a good university basically. So I want to add: U of Michigan, WUSTL, Notre Dame. Am I still aiming too high? </p>

<p>I never thought I would post a thread here, but I am really anxious after I knew my SAT score. I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions from you!!!</p>

ask for help!</p>

<p>harvard, yale, mit, upenn = no. don’t waste time applying there
cornell = yes, depending on the major and which college, you could have a very good chance
i think umich and notre dame are also good. add in vanderbilt (great acceptance rate for transfers, plus they love giving people money) and emory. wustl you could apply to, but i think you’d be better off adding something like nyu or bc</p>

<p>Why not apply to one of those dream schools? But you gotta be specific about why you feel that school fits you. I disagree with ironicallyunsure in immediately writing off some of those schools. I’ve seen people get into Penn with worse stats. Harvard, Yale and MIT will be hard.</p>

<p>^ those people also have outstanding accomplishments or hooks, which the OP does not. you can certainly try, but don’t apply thinking that you have a good chance.</p>

<p>I think you definitely have a great shot at Cornell at the bare minimum. Your SAT scores won’t matter that much since you have pretty much a 4.0 which is incredible. Research, I feel, is one of the most powerful ECs that you could do, and it sounds like your essay will really reflect your commitment to it. Also, you have a clear need for transferring instead of a vague “I don’t really like it here” which is very helpful. Make sure your essays make it clear that you need to be at XYZ because of their programs (ie do some research in their programs) and you should (statistically) have a shot at one of the top schools. Cast a wide net and I’m sure you’ll have luck somewhere.</p>

<p>I got into Cornell without sats.</p>

<p>If you are going to mention research, it may be beneficial to sate that you want to do longer-term research during semester rather than summer research, which you can do at any other schools.</p>