Ivy day stress -rant zone

Hi, I don’t know about you guys but I have been sooo stressed about tomorrow. Like stress headache, stress eating, scrolling through college confidential level stress. Which is super annoying bc at this point I don’t even care about the results, I just want to know so I can move on lol. So I thought I would create a space to just rant:) no judgments, just let it rip my friends

Good luck tomorrow :hugs:


I hear you!
try stress walking, if weather permits.
been getting a lot of steps! :walking_woman:t6:


That’s such a cool idea! I will definitely be doing that

Quick question. Do they send an email declaring offers or do we need to check the application portal at 7pm ET today?

I believe you check the portal and there is a status update there, and the email is to let you know something was put in the portal

Good luck to you all. If you don’t get in, it’s not because you aren’t good enough. Remember that there are institutional needs that are beyond your control and that maybe the kid from Arkansas got the spot because they already had too many great kids from Texas. Just keep perspective and understand that you will end up at the best place for you.