Ivy league Chance-me

We don’t do GPA we do percentages and my percentage mark is
Mark: 94%
I’m also doing the IB diploma program
SAT: 1570
SAT Math II: 800
SAT Bio E: 780
Also completed multiple courses on coursera like Medical Neurology @ Duke and such
Ethnicity: Asian

Badminton mixed doubles 3rd place state level
DECA state level
Music council president 2 years
Choir president
Student government grade rep
Part of society for young entrepreneurs
Biology Olympiad competitor
National Merit finalist

I know my app so far is weak so how can I improve it?

Just curious as to how you know your National Merit status already. Also, everything looks pretty good. Ivies will always be reach schools, but you’re in a good place.

I have the same question as @riverandsasha3 , are you basing finalist status off of 2020 predictions? I’m really anxious because of the guaranteed scholarships schools provide.

Are you a US resident? Or international? If US what state?
What is your class rank? (estimate)?
What grade are you entering?
Will you need financial aid?