Ivy League: Interview recuits??

<p>Just wanted to know if it is part of the application process for a recruit, who has been offered a place, to receive an email from an alumni asking for an interview?
I know it happens to regular students, but I was not sure of it happening to athletic recruits.
Any comments are appreciated.</p>

<p>D was contacted by an area alum for an interview. Once he realized that she had an interview with admissions during her OV, he canceled the appt.</p>

<p>Yes, if you already have a LL in hand, you could mention it in your response to allow the interviewer to cancel.</p>

<p>My D went to the interview even though she had the LL. We were still a little naive about whether the LL was a done deal for admission, and she figured she’d been invited so should go. I think it was the right decision: we run into him at Ivy-specific events, and he’s always friendly. I suspect he gave a good report, and may take a little credit for her admission since I think they got along well in the interview. It certainly did no harm, and they’ll be part of the same alum group someday! I thought he must have known about the LL and wouldn’t have invited her to an interview if that would be overkill. In retrospect I don’t think he knew about the LL, and D should have mentioned it when she arranged the meeting to see if he would want to cancel.</p>

<p>Thank you for the responses!</p>

<p>My S had an alumni interview after he received his LL. The interviewer didn’t know he had a LL; in fact, she didn’t know what they are. As I recall, S enjoyed the interview, no pressure, no worries.</p>

<p>My kid also went to the interview but was caught off guard when asked, “Where else did you apply?” “Uh, nowhere.” Second kid mentioned the LL but asked if it was ok to meet anyways.</p>